Adventure - Road Rage

Name: Adventure: Road Rage
Recorded: 2017.10.27


++ Giant’s Scar, Io
Asher: Assistant! I have a task for you, but I fear your fleshy body is… insufficiently resilient for my purposes.
Ghost: Did you just say, “fleshy”?
Asher: There’s a garage nearby, full of armoured vehicles. Procure one.

** The Guardian gains access to a Cabal Interceptor garage.
Asher: Now that you have use of this device, do you recall the Warmind Vault? The Vex are keenly interested in its secrets. That ends now.

** The Guardian uses the interceptor to destroy Vex trying to access the Warmind Vault.
Ghost: What kind of information do the Vex want from the Warmind Vault?
Asher: The Warminds had a special connection to humanity’s lost arts. Music, literature, film. The Vex may not understand this emotional frivolity, but they will use it as a weapon against us. If we let them.

++ Terrabase Charon, Io

** The Guardian continues destroying the Vex.
Ghost: We’re making good progress. Um, I have a suggestion, though.
Asher: A suggestion?
Ghost: Well, if the Vex stole irreplaceable data, wouldn’t it be good to, you know, recover some of it? Instead of destroying it.
Asher: Hmph. Recover it! Yes! Yes. Well! Fine! Fine, do as you see fit!

++ Lost Oasis, Io

** The Guardian eliminates three Hydras.
Ghost: I don’t see anything interesting in our kill data so far, Asher. Are you sure these are the right Vex?
Asher: What do you mean, “the right Vex?”
Ghost: You know, like. Are these the robots we’re looking for?
Asher: The Vex would not trust Goblins and Hydras with such valuable data. You need to find the Vex Mind responsible for the incursions.
Ghost: You’re… really infuriating sometimes. All right. One Mind coming up.

++ The Rupture, Io

**The Guardian destroys Viadon, Inquisitor Mind.
Ghost: We got him, Asher. Looks like the Vex did steal files from the Vault. Let’s see… Some files about Mars, somebody named Ana Bray… And, of course, lots of data on the Warmind Project. You’ll have to take a look. I hope its useful.
Asher: Hope is a logical fallacy. Only data leads to concrete solutions.

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