Adventure - Siren Song

Name: Adventure: Siren Song
Recorded: 2017.10.27


++ The Rig, Titan

Sloane: Guardian, we’re reading some odd fluctuations in our scans.
Holliday: Gravity waves. Small for now, but amp 'em up and they’ll rip us apart.
Sloane: I’ve got three locations where the waves are strongest. Sending you coordinates.

** Ghost scans the gravity waves at the first location.
Ghost: I don’t see anything, Sloane. But I - did you hear that?
Sloane: What are you picking up?
Ghost: It’s gone. Maybe I’m imagining things. We’ll check your other coordinates.
Holliday: Do it quick. I don’t like what I’m seeing.

**Ghost scans the gravity waves at the second location.
Holliday: Not to rush ya, but these waves are growin’ fast.
Sloane: Get over there, and we should be able to track those gravity waves back to their source.

**Ghost scans the gravity waves at the third location.
Ghost: Sloane, you have to hear this.
Sloane: Oh, I hear it. Amanda’s grabbed your data and is mapping the source now.
Holliday: Sources. Three of 'em. Go shut 'em down!

++ Solarium, Titan

Ghost: Sloane, it’s a ritual, a big one. They really ARE going to shake this Arcology to pieces.
Sloane: Then let’s do the same to them.

** The Guardian destroys the Hive shrine and the Hierarch Wizard.

++ Arboretum, Titan

** The Guardian heads further into the Arcology. They find another Hive shrine and destroy it, then defeat another Hierarch Wizard. The Guardian continues deeper into the Arcology and finds a third Hive shrine.
Ghost: We tear this altar down, we stop that horrible noise.
Sloane: The sooner the better. We’re hearing that sound on all sensors now. Feeling it, too.

** The Guardian destroys the shrine and the Ritual Hierarch, a wizard.
Ghost: Hey, team! We’ve torn down the altars.
Holliday: Then we got a problem. Those must have been transmitters, not the source. Ritual’s still going. We’re jittering up, down, and sideways over here.
Sloane: I feel… sick.
Holliday: Keep it together, girl.

** The Guardians heads further into the Arcology. They enter a room with a huge crystal.
Ghost: Sloane, there’s a giant crystal in here. It’s… SINGING.
Sloane: Neutralize it!

** The Guardian defeats the Hive. A knight, Nalcthor, the Crystalline, appears.
Ghost: That Knight, he’s singing like the crystal. Are they… drawing power from each other?

** The Guardian defeats Nalcthor, the Crystalline.
Sloane: We’re stable again. Whatever you did, it worked. My… stomach thanks you.
Holliday: Got a wild idea. How 'bout you send me that rock for analysis? Whaddaya say?
Ghost: One big glowy rock, coming right up.

** The Guardian plants a transmat beacon and Holliday transmats it elsewhere.
Holliday: You’re a beaut, aren’t you? Oh, the tests I’m going to run on you. I wonder how many pistons you can power. Sparrow thrusters, obviously, but what about warp drives, or…?
Sloane: I’m sure I’m going to hear all about what Amanda will use that for. What were the Hive doing with it?

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