Adventure - Target: The Rider

Name: Adventure: Target: The Rider
Recorded: 2018.09.07


++ Thieves’ Landing, Tangled Shore

Ghost: This garage belongs to one of Uldren’s Barons: Yaviks, the Rider.

** The Guardian takes one of the Pikes.
Ghost: Take the Rider’s Pike for a spin. We won’t have to find her; she’ll find US. Hmm, it’s biometrically calibrated. Let me run some diagnostics. I can tune it.

** Ghost calibrates the drive while the Guardian boosts the Pike. The calibration reaches 50%.
Ghost: These Pikes have some unusual mods.

** Ghost completes the calibration of the Pike’s drive.
Ghost: Almost there. Bear with me.

** The Guardian fires the Pike’s weapons so that they can be calibrated. The calibration reaches 100%.
Ghost: All set. Let’s ride. Petra’s files say Cayde caught the Rider first time by beating her in a race. There’s Prison of Elders security footage of her swearing revenge on him. And… well. You know the rest.

** The Guardian heads towards Soriks’s Cut.

++ Soriks’s Cut, Tangled Shore

Ghost: These Pikes have a very distinct exhaust signature, and right now it’s all over my scanner. The Rider’s gang is nearby.

** The Guardian defeats one of the Rider’s Minions.
Ghost: They’re talking to the Rider on a secured frequency. We can triangulate her location with a little more data.

** The Guardian defeats two more of the Rider’s Minions.
Ghost: We’re on her. Let’s go.

** The Guardian heads towards the Rider’s location.
Ghost: We’re close.

++ The Boil, Tangled Shore

** Yaviks, the Rider appears.
Ghost: There she is.

** The Guardian chases the Rider, eventually defeating her.
Ghost: The Rider’s racing days are over. Guess Cayde’s record is safe.

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