Help us transcribe Forsaken!


This is a follow-up to our previous posts, Help us transcribe Destiny 2!, Help us transcribe Curse of Osiris (and Destiny 2)! and Help us transcribe Warmind!.


If you’d like to help us transcribe here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick an activity from the list below. Edit this post to replace [assignee] with your @name.
  2. Record a video of that activity.
  3. Edit the video to remove any irrelevant parts.
  4. Upload your video somewhere (it doesn’t have to be youtube, but we might upload it to the Ishtar Collective youtube channel if we can’t embed it).
  5. Transcribe the audio following our Transcript Guide.
  6. Post your video and transcript in a new topic, and edit this topic to replace [link] with a link to your topic.
  7. Receive the love and adoration of all of us at the Ishtar Collective! :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart:

Don’t forget to follow the rules laid out in Transcript Guide.

What about variations in dialogue?

Recording variations in dialogue is awesome, and if you can edit them into your video, great! But don’t worry if you can’t capture every variation. Our philosophy is that it is better to have one variation finished than to have every possible variation in progress for weeks. Using playlists it is possible to add videos of dialogue to a Transcript later.


In Forsaken, the ‘Pilgrimage’ patrols in the Dreaming City offer a lot of additional information about the nature of the Awoken and the Reef. To help transcribe these please visit the Pilgrimage Patrol Tracker.

Ghost Scans

There are hundreds of Ghost Scans and we can’t easily compile a list of them like we can with missions and strikes, so if you would like to help us with Ghost Scans, follow the above guide but submit your new post to the Ghost Scan Transcripts category and update one of the following tracker posts.


Release Activity Assigned Link Processed
D2 (Example) Exclusion Zone @ZeeFour Exclusion Zone Transcript :white_check_mark:
F Last Call @pirate_dani Last Call Transcript :white_check_mark:
F High Plains Blues @HipNuts High Plains Blues Transcript :white_check_mark:
F Scorned @VulshokBersrker [link]
F The Machinist @Volts42 The Machinist Transcript :white_check_mark:
F Nothing Left to Say @Throudin Mission: Nothing Left to Say :white_check_mark:
F Awakening @Throudin [link]
F Broken Courier (Loop 1) [assignee] [link]
F The Oracle Engine (Loop 1) [assignee] [link]
F Dark Monastery (Loop 1) [assignee] [link]
F Broken Courier (Loop 2) @benag [link]
F The Oracle Engine (Loop 2) @benag [link]
F Dark Monastery (Loop 2) [assignee] [link]
F Broken Courier (Loop 3) @HipNuts Broken Courier (Loop 3) :white_check_mark:
F The Oracle Engine (Loop 3) [assignee] [link]
F Dark Monastery (Loop 3) [assignee] [link]
F A Hum of Starlight @Throudin Mission: A Hum of Starlight :white_check_mark:
F Chances and Choices [assignee] [link]
F Data Requisition [assignee] [link]
F Lighting the Dark [assignee] [link]
F Ace in the Hole @Lilrabbit83 Ace in the Hole Transcript :white_check_mark:
F Festival of the Lost… Sector @Volts42 Festival of the Lost... Sector Transcript :white_check_mark:
F The Lost Cryptarch @LordSaladPan [link]


With all of their varying dialogue, the Transcripts for Strikes tend to be a collaborative effort. Follow one of the links below to help!

Release Activity Link Editor Ready for Processing Processed
D2 The Arms Dealer The Arms Dealer Strike @pirate_dani
D2 Exodus Down Exodus Crash Strike [assignee]
D2 The Inverted Spire The Inverted Spire Strike [assignee]
D2 Lake of Shadows Lake of Shadows Strike [assignee]
D2 The Pyramidion The Pyramidion Strike [assignee]
D2 Savathun’s Song Savathuns Song Strike [assignee]
CoO A Garden World A Garden World Strike [assignee]
CoO Tree of Probabilities Tree of Probabilities Strike [assignee]
W Strange Terrain Strange Terrain Strike [assignee]
W Will of the Thousands Will of the Thousands Strike [assignee]
W The Insight Terminus The Insight Terminus Strike [assignee]
F Warden of Nothing Warden of Nothing Strike [assignee]
F The Corrupted Corrupted Strike [assignee]
F The Hollowed Lair Hollowed Lair Strike [assignee]
F Broodhold Broodhold Strike [assignee]


Release Activity Assigned Link Processed
D2 Patrols - Return to Cayde-6 @pirate_dani Patrols Quest- Return to Cayde-6
D2 Patrols - The Importance of Networking @pirate_dani Patrols Quest- The Importance of Networking
CoO Legends Lost - Signal Light @Sekuiya Quest: Legends Lost - Signal Light
CoO Legends Lost - Not Even The Darkness @Sekuiya Quest: Legends Lost - Not Even the Darkness
W Data Recovery - Legacy Code @Volts42 Data Recovery Quest - Legacy Code
W Data Recovery - A Piece of the Past @Volts42 Data Recovery Quest - Piece of the Past


Release Activity Assigned Link Processed
CoO The Runner @Volts42 Adventure - The Runner
CoO Bug in the System @Volts42 Adventure - Bug in the System
F Wanted: The Hangman @HipNuts [link]
F Wanted: The Mad Bomber [assignee] [link]
F Wanted: The Mindbender @Volts42 Adventure - Target: The Mindbender :white_check_mark:
F Wanted: The Rider @Volts42 Adventure - Target: The Rider :white_check_mark:
F Wanted: The Rifleman @Volts42 Adventure - Target: The Rifleman
F Wanted: The Trickster [assignee] [link]
F Contested Zone: Metropolis (new public activity) [assignee] [link]

D2 Thunderlord Transcript?


I added the Adventures to defeat the Barons and one of the strikes in the Tangled Shore.


Thanks @VulshokBersrker!


Should we add a section to make a collage of character’s reactions to Cayde’s death? Like Amanda, or Devrim?


I think this is a great idea! I don’t think it would fit on the site right now, but it would be good to put together the video.

Could you start a new thread for it?