Adventure - Target: The Rifleman

Name: Adventure: Target: The Rifleman
Recorded: 2018.09.07


++ Soriks’s Cut, The Tangled Shore

Ghost: This is a sniper’s nest. Great sightlines… We’re on the Baron that murdered Cayde’s Ghost. That was a one-shot kill. Keep your guard up.
The Rifleman: Ah… Target practice.

** The Guardian heads towards the Rifleman’s location and finds Cabal fighting against the Rifleman. The Guardian fights against the Rifleman.
Ghost: He’s retreating, but I’m tracking his position.

++ Jetsam of Saturn, The Tangled Shore

** The Guardian finds and destroys one of the Rifleman’s decoys.
The Rifleman: You… missed… hahaha…
Ghost: Decoys. Smarter than he looks. Lightweight simulation tech. I’ve never seen anything like it. If we find more, let’s grab it.

** The Guardian destroys several more decoys. The Guardian continues towards the Rifleman’s location.
The Rifleman: King Uldren wants you dead. [laughs] I bring him your body… keep your Ghost. [laughs] Sell its shell to Spider. [laughs]

++ Hellrise Canyon, The Tangled Shore

** The Guardian defeats the Hive and the Scorn.
The Rifleman: …Or I mount your Ghost on my wall… next to Cayde’s… [laughs]

** The Guardian continues towards the Rifleman’s location, eventually entering a large room. Two of the Rifleman’s decoys appear. The Guardian destroys the decoys. Pirrha, the Rifleman appears.
The Rifleman: I… seeeee… you…

** The Guardian defeats Pirrha, the Rifleman.
Ghost: You know, there’s a reason I keep a low profile when you fight. It’s just smarter. But Cayde’s Ghost was just like him. Flashy, cocky… and incredibly competent. She didn’t deserve to go down like that.

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