Adventure: Target: The Trickster

Name: Adventure: Target: The Trickster
Recorded: 2019.05.24


++ Soriks’s Cut, The Tangled Shore

Ghost: This Glimmer is encrypted with a signature: Araskes, the Trickster. She’s a coward who hides behind traps and flunkies. Bet we can find an informant somewhere around here.

** The Guardian finds the Trickster’s Courier and defeats them. The Courier drops an exotic engram. The Guardian picks up the engram.

Ghost: It’s rigged to blow!

** The Guardian throws the explosive away. It detonates on impact.

Ghost: If a shipment of these rigged engrams ever made it to the Last City… we CAN’T let that happen.

** The Guardian finds and destroys the first engram fabricator.

The Trickster: [laughs] Oh no… it found our factory of delights. If only we planned for this… [laughs]

Ghost: That’s the Trickster. Gotta be.

** The Guardian destroys the second engram fabricator.

Ghost: Good news: the engram fabricators are destroyed, and I traced the source of the Trickster’s broadcast. Bad news: the trace was too easy for someone called “The Trickster.”

++ Diaviks Mine, The Tangled Shore

** Araskes, The Trickster appears.

The Trickster: [laughs] Welcome, minion of Cayde-6. [laughs]

** The Trickster runs away, leaving behind a trap disguised as heavy ammo.

Ghost: She’s rigged the ammo, too.

** The Guardian pursues the Trickster, defeating any Scorn which they encounter along the way. The Trickster escapes through a door, closing it behind her.

Ghost: Dead end. If we want to go deeper, we’ll have to blast our way in.

** The Guardian picks up an engram explosive and takes it to the door. The Guardian throws the engram explosive at the door, blasting a hole in it. The Guardian goes through the hole in the door and continues to the next area. Araskes, The Trickster appears.

The Trickster: [laughs] It wants revenge? Yes, we deserve it. Here is some ammo for you. [laughs]

** The Guardian defeats Araskes, The Trickster.

// NOTE If the Guardian has defeated six of the Barons, including The Trickster.
Ghost: Six names off our list. Only two left - then Uldren. Maybe Petra or Spider has a lead on the Machinist and the Fanatic for us.


Question, did she say “Here is some for you”? I’ve always heard it as “Here is some ammo for you”. But I’m not too sure.

She says “Here is some ammo for you”.

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Ok, do you want me to edit that then, because you put down “Yes we deserve it. Here is some for you”, and iirc, Transcripts prefer the heard word over the Subtitles.
Not trying to nitpick, just trying to help.

@Ember-3 don’t worry about editing transcripts. I always check transcripts before I upload them to the site and fix any errors I come across.

Edit: Meant to add, if the person who originally posted the transcript wants to edit it, that’s fine, but I’d rather not have other people editing them as well (aside from staff like myself). No harm in pointing out any errors you may notice though.

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Wait, did I mess up the Trickster’s legendary line?

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Yes. But it is alright, as Jazzy said. So don’t worry.
I made sure not to edit it though Jazzy. To be honest, I’d rather not edit others posts, it seems kinda wrong and manipulative, imo. But thank you for letting me know!

No worries Ember :slightly_smiling_face:

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