Adventure- Unsafe at Any Speed


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Name: Adventure- Unsafe at Any Speed
Recorded: 2017.10.27


++Firebase Hades, EDZ
Hawthorne: Hey, Zavala. Guess who pinged our beacon near that Fallen Pike gang?
Ghost: Fallen? All we see around here are Cabal.
Zavala: The Red Legion must have strengthened their defences against mobile assault.
Hawthorne: Tell you what. Those Pikers can wait. Take out the Legion first. I bet they wont expect you to do it with their vehicles.

**The Guardian uses a Cabal Interceptor to kill enemies.
Ghost: These vehicles arnt as manoeuvrable as a Sparrow, but they pack a punch.
Zavala: Keep punching. You have a golden opportunity to put the Red Legion down for the count.
Hawthorne: Remind me never to get into a boxing match with a Titan. You are all scary. But as much as I hate to agree with him, Zavala’s right. Vehicular mayhem now. Pike gang later.

**The Guardian rams a bunch of enemies…
Zavala: Hmmmm, That Fallen Pike gang is still a threat.
Hawthorne: Took the words right out of my mouth. Let’s not make this a habit, huh?
Zavala: We’ll see. Be careful out there. Those Pikes were rebuilt with scavenged technology. They may be unpredictable;e opponents.

++Winding Cove, EDZ
**The Guardian takes out two Pike gangs
Ghost: That’ll teach he Fallen to not mess with us.
Zavala: Don’t let your guard down. The gang’s leader will be close.
Ghost: Not for long.

**The Guradian takes out the Pike gang Captain
Hawthorne: Picking up a spike in Fallen chatter. They sound pretty pissed.
Ghost: I think we can handle whatever they throw at us.
Zavala: They’ve deployed a Walker to your position.
Ghost: Huh.

**The Guardian defeats the Fallen Walker.
Ghost: Whew, one Fallen Walker sent back to the scrap heap.
Hawthorne: You’ve earned a break
Zavala: And a victory like this will ensure a respite for us as well. Excellent work.

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