Black Armory - Opening Cinematic

Name: Black Armory - Opening Cinematic
Recorded: 2018.12.05

++ Annex, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian enters a room with weapons on display. They approach one of the displays.

Ada-1: Stunning, isn’t it? That weapon… is beyond special. A witness to the slaughter of our founder. And my ally in vengeance against those responsible. Lightbearers. Just. Like. You. You are not welcome here, Guardian.

** The Guardian holds up the Black Armory badge given to them by the Spider.

Ada-1: I see. Well, then… What we offer, Guardian, is privilege - normally afforded to those who do not already have their own. Today, however, it would seem our doors are open to you. Welcome… to the Black Armory.

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Created Black Armory - Opening Cinematic based on this post.

Shouldn’t the name of this specific encounter be something along the lines of “Quest: Initiation, Black Armory”?

“Opening Cinematic” is fine for the name for this transcript. There’s a few other transcripts that also have “cinematic” in the name.