Cinematic: Season of the Lost's opening monologue from Mara Sov

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Name: Cinematic: Season of the Lost’s opening monologue from Mara Sov
Video URL: Mara Sov Monologue | Opening Cinematic | Season of the Lost
Playlist URL: Lost, Season of the (Story)
Recorded: 2021.08.24


**The Battle of Jupiter is depicted, beginning with Mara’s attack on Oryx’s fleet.

Mara Sov: I am Mara Sov, Queen of the Reef.

Mara Sov: I once made a great sacrifice to protect humanity from the Hive.

Mara Sov: I lost everything.

**Corsair ships fight against the Hive forces, flying against a wave of energy being sent forth from Oryx’s Dreadnought.

Mara Sov: My fleet.

Mara Sov: My brother.

**Uldren screams inside his ship as the fleet begins to be destroyed.

Mara Sov: My people’s very way of life.

**Mara closes her eyes, preparing for her death.

Mara Sov: I watched the Dreaming City fall into ruin.

**The Dreaming City is shown.

Mara Sov: Desecrated by Oryx.

Mara Sov: Cursed by Savathûn.

**The Dreaming City is slowly consumed by darkness.

Mara Sov: Now I’ve returned to retake this sacred place …to finally wrest it free from the Hive’s claws.

**A Guardian is shown in the Dreaming City, in front of some gates. Other Guardians fight Hive within its walls.

Mara Sov: Although you have taken things near and dear to me, as well.

**Another flashback, showing Uldren’s death at the hands of Petra and the Young Wolf.

Mara Sov: You have also learned that your list of enemies… need not be so broadly defined.

**A trio of flashbacks, showing Caiatl’s first meeting with the Vanguard, Mithrax’s rescue from the House of Salvation, and Zavala offering a hand to Crow after learning who he once was.

Mara Sov: Today, we are afforded a unique opportunity.

**A Techeun stands before the Oracle Engine.

Mara Sov: The road ahead of us is fraught with perilous choices, Guardian.

**Mara Sov stands contemplating an object in her chambers, while a Guardian stands before a portal in the H.E.L.M.

Mara Sov: Choose wisely.

**A Guardian fireteam stands in the Dreaming City, wearing the seasonal armor for Season of the Lost.