Curse of Osiris: A Garden World Transcript

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Name: A Garden World
Recorded: 2017.12.09


++Fields of Glass, Mercury

**Guardian transmats in

Ikora: This is our only chance. We can use the Infinite Forest against the Vex, or… we prepare for the end.

Sagira: I’m calculating where to send us. The place is easy. Finding a simulation of the right time is a little tricky.

Ikora: Alright, find the algorithm that produced the Forest. That will lead you to Panoptes.

Sagira: The Vex will know they’re at their most vulnerable here. This simulation will be well defended.

Ikora: The point in history where you invent a reality engine? There’s nothing more important.

++Infinite Forest, Mercury

**Guardian traverses the Infinite Forest, and enters the tree leading to the Simulant Past.

Sagira: The Vex have been two steps ahead of us so far. But you and Ikora have given us a chance to actually SURPRISE them. That’s impressive.

Sagira: So I guess what I’m saying is, when this is all over, I might miss being your Ghost. Just a little.

++Simulant Past, Infinite Forest

**The Guardian enters the simulation

Sagira: All right, we have to get to the top of that tower, and download the algorithm before the Vex create the Infinite Forest.

**Guardian begins to force their way into the Spire.

Sagira: Remember how I said the Vex anticipate everything? They have automated intruder countermeasures here. They’ll react and block anything we do. Be unpredictable.

**Guardian fights their way through the security measures and enters the Spire

Sagira: We’re in! Let’s get to the top and find that algorithm.

**Guardian reaches the top and confronts Dendron, Root Mind.

Sagira: Let’s shut this machine down.

**After a long, drawn-out engagement, Guardian destroys Dendron.

Sagira: That’s it! We’ve done it!

**Guardian ascends to the very peak of the Spire, and plugs Sagira into the network.

Sagira: Bingo

Sagira: Scanning… isolating Panoptes’ patterns, overlaying onto the map…

**A Projection of Osiris appears.

Sagira: Annndd….Got him! Panoptes always ends up in the same coordinates. It’s over, this is how we beat the Vex!

Projection: I’ve detected a change. A new future, I will inform Osiris.

**The projection disappears

Sagira: Wait, a defensive subroutine? New reality branches forming… No. No!

**Panoptes appears, and begins to pull Sagira out of the shell.

Sagira: Ahhhhhh! It’s got me!!!

**Panoptes and Sagira disappear in a flash of blinding light.

**Guardian and Ghost find themselves outside the gate to the Infinite Forest.

Ghost: Where are we? Mercury? How did we get back here? Last thing I remember, we were in the EDZ, we found that device and then— WHAM. Oh I feel so strange, like someone’s rearranged all the furniture in the house, except the house is my brain.

**Guardian tries to force their way back into the Forest.

Ghost: All right, look, I’d never thought I’d have to ask this but—who else has been inside my head? Accessing memory core… Huh. You’ve been busy. Correction: you’ve been busy without me. I don’t know how to feel about that.

**Guardian fails to push their way into the Forest.

Ghost: Wait a second. There’s something else in here with me. Encoded holoimages… big ones, definitely Vex.

Ghost: Look, I can’t decrypt those files, or open the gate. We need backup, we need Ikora.

**Guardian nods in agreement

Ghost: Good idea right? You’re welcome. Wait… why did I just say that?


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