Curse of Osiris: Deep Storage Transcript

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Name: Deep Storage
Recorded: 2018.02.20


++The Rupture, Io

Sagira: Are you sure there’s a map of the Infinite Forest here?

Ikora: If the Vex are trying to reshape the future, the Pyramidion is part of the plan. The map HAS to be here.

**The Guardian stands on Vex sync plate

Sagira: I know a trick with that conflux.

**Conflux appears

**The Guardian scans the conflux

Ikora: Brace yourself for the Vex welcoming party…

**Pyramidion door opens

Ikora: Or not.

Sagira: With me, you get the shortcuts.

**The Guardian proceeds into the Pyramidion

++The Pyramidion, Io

Ikora: Sagira, I know we didn’t leave one another on the best of terms…

Sagira: You led the group that exiled my Guardian. I didn’t like it… but… people weren’t ready to hear what Osiris was saying back then.

Ikora: It wasn’t just his prophecies. He never understood there was more to being a Warlock than being the smartest person in the room.

Sagira: Osiris has changed. You’re still the same by-the-book Ikora I remember.

Ikora: I’m not so sure about that. Losing my Light was revealing. I see now I need to be more than I was. Maybe we all do.

**The Guardian continues through the Pyramidion

Sagira: Great! Looks like Ikora was right. My scans show the Pyramidion does receive data from the Forest. I’ve got the location of a conflux where we can access it.

**The Guardian continues through the Pyramidion

Sagira: I can reprogram that warp gate. It should get us close to the conflux.

**The Guardian defeats the Vex enemies

Sagira: Calculations are ready. All you gotta do is jump through the hoop.

**The Guardian goes through the Vex gate

Sagira: Well, that didn’t work as well as I expected…

Ikora: The Sagira I knew would never admit to anything less than Osiris-level perfection.

Sagira: Ikora, here’s a secret. NO ON has ever lived up to Osiris’s reputation. Not even Osiris.

**The Guardian continues through the Pyramidion

Sagira: I can tell that the conflux is somewhere nearby, but the Vex must be cloaking it.

**The Guardian stands on the Vex sync plates

Sagira: Look out, we’ve got incoming!

**Vex enemies spawn

**The Guardian defeats the Vex enemies

**Conflux appears

**The Guardian scans the conflux to display Infinite Forest data

Sagira: The map’s not here. I don’t understand.

Ikora: Keep looking.

Sagira: Wait, I’ve got something. Coordinates for a node in the Infinite Forest. That’s where our map is.

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