D2 Thunderlord Transcript?


Just got the Thunderlord yesterday, any chance I could help put the lore tab in for the collective? I can write it when I get home. EDIT: I could also try and transcript the mission off of a secondary character just need some help on the formating.


Hey @LordSaladPan! For Lore Entries we get those from the Bungie API, but unfortunately it sometimes takes a little while for Bungie to update the API with new items.

As for the Thunderlord mission, yes! If you have recorded it, it would be great to get that on the site. There is a guide to making Transcripts here: Transcript Guide

If anything there is confusing then let me or @DrJazzyBebop know :slight_smile:


Cool! I’ll try and get it done this weekend.


Thanks for offering to help! I’ve added your name to The Lost Cryptarch mission on the list of transcripts that need to be done. If there’s any other transcripts you’d like to do, feel free to sign up for them! We’ve got a few missions and adventures which no one has signed up for yet.


Also, how could I link a Xbox game clip to the page? I could download it and link it to a Google doc


I usually download the clip from xbox dvr amd then upload it to goodle drive and share that link because xbox dvr can be finnicky sometimes.


Thank you so much! I’ve been looking forward to being able to contribute to the site


Also:joy:, does the recording have to be solo? My brother says he wants to be famous :rofl:


That’s fine to have other people in the video. Please note that we only need footage of the dialogue, not fighting enemies etc. Upload the edited video to youtube and post a link to the video in the post for the transcript.


I was going to link an Xbox clip on a Google Doc and then link the Doc, or just directly link the clip if thats OK


If you’ve got one clip of the mission then you’ll need to edit it so it only includes the parts with the dialogue and remove the parts with fighting etc. Or if you’ve got multiple clips of the dialogue, then they’ll need to be edited and put together into one video. We usually need transcript videos to be uploaded to youtube. We can’t accept google doc or xbox clip links sorry.


OK thanks just want to make sure I do it right.


No worries! :slightly_smiling_face:


Could I have some constructive criticism about the final transcript?


You did a pretty good job with the transcript :slightly_smiling_face: There was one spelling error, and one of the sentences was missing from the first paragraph of Amanda’s dialogue. For the description parts (starting with **), you don’t need to put each sentence on a new line. They can all go into one paragraph, unless it’s a pretty long paragraph, then you may want to split it into two paragraphs. Otherwise, nice work! Thanks for helping!