Decision Point - Stand with the Vanguard

Name: Decision Point - Stand with the Vanguard
Recorded: 2019.05.02


++ Annex, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

The Drifter: Hey, hey. Let’s be straight with each other. I know the Vanguard’s watching me. Probably want you to snitch, am I right? [laughs] If you’re considering, I get it. Ol’ Drifter likes to play both sides, too. But think about it. You stand with them, you’re a dead woman walking. Gambit’s pissed off a whole lotta dangerous people. You stand with me, I got your back. Trust. So what’ll it be?

** The Guardian decides to stand with the Vanguard.

The Drifter: You’re pickin’ the Vanguard over me, huh? [chuckles] You punk. But every woman’s got to have a code. I get it. I got one, too. Out of respect for principles (and a righteous fear of Ikora’s big-ass shotgun)… you do you, kid. But, I’m gonna change your mind about me. Whoever, or whatever you think I am… You’re wrong. How’s that suit ya? Snitch.

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