Destiny 2 Mission Adieu Transcript

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Name: Adieu
Recorded: 2017.09.08


**A Vision of the Traveler, Leviathan, Subclasses, and the European Dead Zone

++The Last City

**Cabal patrol the City

Ghost: Guardian!!!
Ghost: This is awful – awful!
Ghost: This can’t be happening…

**Ghost notices the Guardian

Ghost: Guardian…?
Ghost: You’re alive… I thought I’d lost you.
Ghost: I can heal you, but I can’t resurrect you. Not since…
Ghost: Guardian… the Light is gone.
Ghost: They’ve taken the City, the Traveler, everything…
Ghost: The Red Legion is killing powerless Guardians.
Ghost: We have to get out of here.
Ghost: I’m picking up an emergency broadcast. Rendezvous coordinates. They’re evacuating the planet.
Ghost: We’re on our own…

++City Outskirts

Ghost: These Guardians…
Ghost: They had no chance without their powers.
Ghost: That could be us…
Ghost: Guardian – if you die…
Ghost: I can’t resurrect you.
Ghost: We need to be very careful.

**Guardian finds the Sorrow MG2

**Red Legion find the Guardian

++Twilight Gap

Ghost: It’s that falcon again. Is it following us…?
Ghost: …or are we following it?

**Red Legion attack

Hawthorne: Oh look, somebody left a perfectly good Guardian lying around. Things must be worse than I thought.
Hawthorne: And that’s our cue. Time to go, people!
Ghost: Ah, but… Wait! Where… where are you all going?
Hawthorne: As far away from here as possible.

**The falcon flies to Hawthorne’s arm

Ghost: That falcon… it belongs to you?
Hawthorne: The name’s Hawthorne. And this is Louis. Best pilot we got. What about you? Fit to fly?
Hawthorne: Probably gonna need one of these, too.

**Hawthorne throws the Guardian a shotgun

Hawthorne: Time to make yourself useful. “Guardian.”
Hawthorne: All right people, spin ‘em up! Got a long flight ahead of us!

**Ghaul watches the Traveler from his ship

Ghaul: Do you see, Traveler…
Ghaul: …all that I have done.
Ghaul: Grace me with your Light.
Ghaul: Take your place at the center of my empire!
Ghaul: See me, and the Red Legion will be your true Guardians.

**The Consul arrives

Consul: Dominus!
Consul: The city is secure.
Consul: Those who fled are being hunted…
Consul: …and those foolish enough to remain have been executed.
Consul: Victory, as with all things, is yours to claim.
Ghaul: This victory is as much your as mine, old friend.
Consul: All that remains is the completion of the cage around this great machine.
Consul: Then we may begin the extraction of its power and put it to its rightful use.
Ghaul: They call it the Traveler.
Consul: I would contend that other civilizations may be more precise in their naming.
Consul: Its functions can be controlled and exploited…
Consul: …as we have so clearly proven.
Ghaul: Yet they believe it to be a god.
Consul: Dominus –
Ghaul: Ghaul.
Consul: We have spent our lives, you and I, working to reshape out society…
Consul: …reforge our people…
Consul: …rebuild an empire nearly destroyed by Calus’s greed and corruption.
Consul: Nothing in this universe greater than you!
Consul: The Red Legion will have that machine’s power. You will be called Emperor!
Consul: What more would the Dominus have?
Ghaul: I would have words with my guest.

**The Speaker descends from the ceiling in restraints

Ghaul: So, you’re the one who speaks for the Traveler.
Hawthorne: Coming up one the European Dead Zone. Gonna be our new home for a while.
Ghost: Look! Do you recognize it? That’s where we’re supposed to go.
Hawthorne: That thing? They call it the Shard of the Traveler. I call it: “Not a place you want to go poking around.”

**Guardian arrives at the Farm

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