Devil in the Details | Season of the Seraph

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Name: Devil in the Details | Season of the Seraph
Video URL: Devil in the Details | Season of the Seraph
Playlist URL: Spire of the Watcher — Season of the Seraph
Recorded: 2022.12.09


++Spire of the Watcher, Mars

**The Guardian collects the first log from Eramis

Eramis: Welcome, Machine-servant. I knew your City would send warriors. Do you think you are here to face me?

**The Guardian collects the second log from Eramis

Eramis: In old duels, House rivals met with honor. The first blooded blade ended the duel. But now we do not look to Houses or enemies with honor. I am alone, watching your Traveler as I was the day it fled Riis… my blade gripped in challenge. But I have not come for a drop of blood.

**The Guardian collects the third log from Eramis

Eramis: House Salvation understands your Collapse: a whirlwind left in the wake of gods. We wade through it still. The sigil on the screen: an old House. An old ideology. A failed tradition, swept away in that wake.

**The Guardian collects the fourth log from Eramis

Eramis: The Devils are gone. At time, I feel like I am with them. That this is my penance… To remain lucid, as the chill creeps into my flesh, and my heart grows numb. As on Europa, to survive, I must kindle flames where I find them.

**The Guardian collects the fifth log from Eramis

Eramis: Step away from your “Traveler” before its machinations rend you limb from limb. We have no need of gods.

**The Guardian collects the sixth log from Eramis

Eramis: The people here feared a future of gods so much, they created their own… to enslave themselves to it. Absolve themselves of will — for protection, for certainty — as you have done. As I have been forced to do. But does your future feel certain in this moment? Do not struggle in loss. You would only cause untold bloodshed and pain. I know this.