Dynasty Quest - Calculated Action

Name: Quest: Calculated Action, Dynasty
URL: https://youtu.be/FUEUCu4b53E
Recorded: 2017.09.23


++ Giant’s Scar, Io
Ghost: We’re just outside a Cabal base. Lots of Taken here. Any news from your agents, Ikora?
Ikora: I’m afraid the Hidden have not been able to penetrate that base.
Asher: I retract my earlier hypothesis. Something is happening to the Vex. They can feel it. I can feel it; I can feel something grasping at my arm to rip my very essence out of my body. End this, Guardian!

** The Guardian enters the Cabal base and finds it crawling with Taken.
Ghost: This is just like that base on Phobos. The Taken must be using these rifts to abduct the Vex.

++ Excavation Site II, Io
Ghost: Ikora, we’ve found… holding cells, I think. Like a prison for Vex.
Asher: Perhaps the Taken have invented law and order.
Ikora: Asher! Save your wit for later. Be mindful, Guardian, I have only one of you.

** The Guardian starts to suppress the Taken.
Ghost: Ikora, you were right. The Taken are transforming the Vex.
Ikora: I knew it!
Asher: But that’s suicidal. why?

** The Guardian finds a taken tomb husk. Ghost scans the husk.
Ghost: Ascendant Realm readings in spades here. Down the line this could be another one of those weird portals. The Taken are so strange.

** The Guardian defeats the Taken at the main conversion site, but the Taken Knight Ir Arok escapes.
Ghost: Well, our guy got away again. Asher, what was it you just said? That it’s suicidal for the Taken to turn the Vex into scary void robots?
Asher: Completely suicidal! The Vex infect whatever they touch. Their self-replication subroutines would consume the Taken from the inside out. Perhaps they simply don’t realise the dangers.
Ikora: Or perhaps they do and it’s a calculated risk.
Asher: To what end?
Ikora: They’re building an army. That has to be it. Hurry, Guardian. Meet with Asher. We’ll try and understand more of this while you’re on your way.

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