Enemy of My Enemy Quest- Chances and Choices


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Name: Enemy of My Enemy — Chances and Choices
URL: https://youtu.be/g2-snIfal5E
Recorded: 2017.09.23


++ Solarium, Titan

Sloane: Thanks to you, the reactor is online and we know just where it is. Dropping coordinate now.
Zavala: The problem is that Fallen Captain. He’s been one step ahead of us this whole time.
Ghost: So we do this fast. We’ve got this commander.

++ Arboretum
** Ghost scans a broken display screen

Ghost: The screen is broken, but the data flow is in tact. It’s streaming so kind of commercial. Talking about all the wonders of living on the “new frontier of humanity”. Heeuh.

** As The Guardian deactivates a forcefield, Fallen shoot a cursed thrall causing a group of Hive to explode

Ghost: Ouch, that had to hurt.

** Moving deeper through the Arboretum The Guardian is ambushed by Fallen.

Ghost: Watch out!

** The Guardian fights a Servitor called Selkis, The Obstructor

Ghost: Sloane, why do the Fallen want the reactor?
Sloane: For Ether production probably. They hook up a big Servitor to it, they double or triple output. Why do you ask?
Ghost: No reason.

** Defeating the Servitor, the Guardian continues chasing the Captain, stumbling upon Fallen and Hive fighting.

Ghost: I cant believe that Captain’s still ahead of us. He’s much cleverer than most of the captains we’ve met. Well, I say ‘met’, but you know what I mean.

** Reaching the reactor, the Guardian find the Captain being attacked by a knight

Ghost: Remind me. Do we like the Hive or Fallen better?

If you kill both Mithrax, the Forsaken Captain and the Knight Golthor, the Subtle.
Ghost: This Captain gave us a good run for it. Not a lot like him out there. Let’s get Sloane her reactor.

**Ghost retrieves the methane reactor

Ghost: Hey Sloane! Guess what we’ve got?
Sloane: Is it a methane reactor?
Zavala: I believe it was meant to be a rhetorical statement.
Ghost: Yeah, anyway, we’re bringing it in.
Sloane: I look forward to your arrival

If you only kill Golthor, the Subtle
Mithrax, the Forsaken: [speaks in another language]
**Mithrax teleports away
Ghost: I think that Captain just gave us the reactor. You think you understand the Fallen, and then… Well, lets take it. Sloane’s waiting.

**Ghost retrieves the methane reactor
Ghost: Sloane, you’ll never guess what happened?
Sloane: You… killed a Captain and found a methane reactor?
Ghost: We didn’t kill him. He let us have it. Just looked at us and left.
Zavala: Fascinating. This is an excellent example that the universe is a complicated place. That perhaps there are more things in the heavens that can be dreamt of in our philosophy. At any rate, bring in your prize.


Anyone able to shoot me the video for the secret ending? I can do it on my alt, but it wont be for a couple weeks. If anyone has it ready to go, i’d appreciate the raw video.

Also, @baxter I’m not sure I have the formatting done correctly. could you confirm please.

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Yea I have it as a game clip but no idea how to get it to u


its gonna have to be the old fashioned way of a memory stick and a dump onto google drive as a raw vid file. Are you able to do that?


No I have no computer just the Xbox and this phone


I don’t know much about how the Xbox handles video files, but I know I can’t use anything uploaded to YouTube.

Anyone got any ideas?


@Apollo519 @pirate_dani you can send video clips from an xbox to OneDrive. On the Captures page on your xbox, go to the clip you want to send, click Share, then click OneDrive. You can download the OneDrive app on your phone and access the file from there.


You were close! I’ve updated it. I know the syntax isn’t the most obvious.

I’m yet to play through this adventure so if no one beats me to it I will sort out the video soon.


Sweet ill try the one drive method when I get home from work


https://1drv.ms/v/s!ApWV0CMCwqBKklr2_wfuzaAVtuFH OK so I took the game clip loaded it to one drive and then above is the supposed link if this doesn’t work let me know and I’ll try again


It worked!!! I got it, and I’m in the process of editing it into the video. However… its missing the final dialogue between Ghost and Sloane.


There wasn’t any more


@baxter this is now complete and the video uploaded