Enemy of My Enemy Quest - Data Requsition

Name: Quest: Data Requisition, Enemy of My Enemy
URL: https://youtu.be/-Kmsb7l18Rs


++ The Rig, Titan

Zavala: Ah, good. You’re here. I presume Sloane’s briefed you?
Ghost: We go in. We scare the Fallen out of the control center. We get out.
Sloane: Affirmative. Reports say we’re dealing with one Captain and his crew. This should be routine, for someone like you.

** The Guardian heads towards the control center. They find a barrier blocking their way to the control center. There is a Barricade Servitor in front of the barrier.
Ghost: That barriers energy spectrum matches this Servitor’s. It could be a coincidence.

** The Guardian defeats the Barricade Servitor. The barrier disappears.
Ghost: Not a coincidence, looks like they’re using Servitors to wall us in.

** The Guardian enters the control center lobby and sees Mithrax, the Forsaken, a Fallen Captain, on the other side of the glass by the terminal.
Mithrax, the Forsaken: [Fallen speech]

** Mithrax, the Forsaken and the other Fallen leave the control center. Ghost scans the terminal.
Ghost: Looks like they wanted data, not systems control. Linking up with their taps.

** The Guardian protects Ghost from a Hive ambush while he retrieves the data.
Ghost: Everything the Fallen got, we’ve got. Lets move.

** Ghost scans some floating stones.
Ghost: It seems like these floating stones mark places where the Hive have weakened the line between our world and theirs. Bet all this weird magic they have out here comes from sources like these.

** Ghost scans another floating stone, this time covered in chains.
Ghost: Looks like the Fallen tried to chain it closed. A for Effort guys, but I’m not sure this is how we’re going to beat the Hive.

** The Guardian finds a locked door which blocks their escape.
Ghost: I can get this open! Just hold them off!

** The Guardian defends Ghost against the Hive while he unlocks the door.
Ghost: That’s it! Lets go!

++ Tidal Anchor, Titan

Ghost: Hah. We’re through. I hope this data’s worth it.
Zavala: Indeed. In the meantime, you’ve ensured the Rig will stand for at least one more day.
Sloane: Well said, sir. Come on by when you can, Guardian. We’ll get a look at what you got.


Just as a point of interest, I used the Errata post on Fallen speech (and a little creativity) to translate the Captain’s words from this mission… if anyone has anything different please do not hesitate to jump in on the convo.

After much listening to the phrase (gotta love the distortion they added) I heard the Captain say:
"Zu das nec sha za bar ma kar"
Here is my translation of each word, with some explanation - complete sentence at the end.

Zu = will have to… this is given in the errata post

Das = go… Errata post

Nec = they/them/their… although Errata lists ‘Er’ around this meaning, this is similar to ‘E’ which means ‘a/the’ referring to an inanimate object, while ‘Ne’ is listed as meaning ‘I/self’, so I figured this as an extension of the translation ‘not I’ or ‘they/them/their’.

Sha = bravery/courage… listed in errata, but I feel context may be sarcastic in this sentence.

Za = bring(s)/give(s)… similar words are listed in Errata such as ‘Ze=gift’, so this was a little creative on my part.

Bar = unable to find/lost… listed in Errata.

Ma = and… listed in Errata.

Kar = burning… listed in Errata.

So this gives us a translation of:
“Will have to go they ‘courage’ bring loss and burning"
or to put it in more standard English:
”[We] will have to go, their ‘courage’ brings death and destruction"

This makes sense as the Captain sees us as we see him/her (unsure of gender) and decides to leave before we start shooting up the place.


That’s amazing!

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This is possibly the best reaction I have ever had to my nerdiness… thank you for the smiles


My pleasure man! You obviously put a lot of work and time into this! :smiley:


Raven I dont know if you’ve seen this before… https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/36nk08/spoiler_how_gives_us_our_first_chance_to/

I hadn’t seen it… but I do have a sneaking suspicion that bungie didn’t exactly hire a linguist to design a whole new language, more likely they borrowed stuff from elsewhere and added some bits they thought sounded cool.

I dont know if you’ll get this reference but yeah Bionicle did the same thing.

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