Enemy of My Enemy Quest - Lighting the Dark

Name: Quest: Lighting the Dark, Enemy of My Enemy
URL: https://youtu.be/xN-laSN9LAw
Recorded: 2017.09.23


++ The Rig, Titan

Zavala: With your data, Holliday’s been able to dig out the locations of two terminals in the reactors auxiliary system. They appear to be on the fritz.
Sloane: We need you to get in there and cycle the power. That should clear up the noise and restore the core systems as well.

** The Guardian cycles the power on the first auxiliary terminal.
Ghost: Cycling power. Lets find the other one.

** The Guardian cycles the power on the second auxiliary terminal.
Ghost: That’s two… Wait. Devices that require multiple, separate activations? Aren’t those, you know, really dangerous?
Sloane: Did I say the reactor was safe?
Ghost: Here I was thinking you liked us.
Zavala: The people Sloane likes tend to wind up in crossfire in indefensible positions. Ask me how I know.
Sloane: Because I trust you to survive, Commander. All right. With those terminals refreshed, we’ve pinpointed the reactor’s bootup console. Light 'em up.

++ Festering Halls, Titan

** The Guardian heads towards the bootup console. They find a safety checkpoint blocking their path to the console.
Ghost: Huh, Golden Age safety checkpoints. Still operational too.

** Ghost hacks the checkpoint so that they can continue towards the console. Ghost spots the Fallen Captain they previously encountered stuck in a security box.
Ghost: Hey, look who it is! The Captain. And it looks like he’s stuck. Too bad.
Zavala: Don’t let him distract you. Wake up that reactor.

** Ghost turns on the reactor. The Guardian and the Ghost get trapped in a security box. The Fallen Captain is freed from the security box which was holding him.
[In another language: “Reactor initializing. Returning recognized life forms to safety zones”]
Ghost: I, uh… didn’t mean to free the Captain

** The Captain and the other Fallen escape as Ghost tries to free the Guardian from the security box.
Ghost: We’re free, lets get out of here.
Sloane: I can see the reactor on heat scans, bright and clear. Well done, Guardian. Now all we have to do is get to it before the Fallen do. Should be easy. Right?

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