Errors in transcription

Hi @DrJazzyBebop. The last time we spoke, you told me to send any errors in transcription your way. Here are all of the ones I’ve found since speaking with you. There could be more TTK transcript errors, as I didn’t comb through all of them, and there are certainly errors in prior transcripts but I didn’t document them. As an aside, I would proofread pirate_dani’s transcripts. I don’t want to single him out, as he isn’t the only one who produced errors, but a high number of errors were from his transcripts.


The Darkblade suffers his judgement in the depths of the Hive prison.

Should be “a” instead of “the”.

I’m feeding an energy marker to your Ghost.

Should be “I am”.

My scan say the runes draw energy from those towers.

Should be “says”.

He slew a legion of Thralls in her name. Marched on the King’s throne, at the head of an army built of hate and pain.

Should be “on”.

What you have done, you have done in their names: Toland. Sai Mota. Eriana-3. Vell Tarlowe.

Omits Omar. Should be between Sai Mota and Eriana-3.

The creatures of the hive are treacherous.

Omits “vicious” from the end of the sentence. Should be “… the hive are treacherous, vicious.”

Punctuation in the first paragraph does not match the subtitles and (depending on your grammatical preferences) is iffy. The audio matches the subtitle version. For example, the transcript states: “Given the chance the Darkblade will step in to take Oryx’s crown.” The subtitles state: “Given the chance, the Darkblade will step in to take Oryx’s crown.”

Today, you held them in check. Today, you held them in check.

  • Regicide says “You are not worth” instead of “You are not worthy”.

You… are the last hope of the Light? I have taken entire worlds! You are not worth to face me.

The sucess of Vanguard stems from training, from gear, and most of all experience.

“Success” is spelled incorrectly. The last part, “and most of all experience” should be “and most of all, from experience.”

I can think of no one better to lead this assult.

Omits the word “suited” between the words “better” and “to”.

But, thankfully, much of it has collapsed.

Should be “much of it is also collapsed.”

All the Taken had to do was walk through the front door.

The audio pauses between “was” and “walk”. The subtitles reflect this via ellipsis, the transcript doesn’t.

She’s still made about what you did to her ship.

Also, this:

I’m not sure it can be modified to work on a Guardian.

Omits the word “if” between “sure” and “it”.

Additionally, the Shield Brothers Transcript was uploaded to the forum in 2017 but hasn’t been added to Ishtar proper. Is there a reason for this?

Thank you!

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@Grimlock205 thank you for pointing out those errors. I’ll fix them when I get a chance.

I don’t know why the Shield Brothers transcript wasn’t uploaded to the Ishtar site, I wasn’t Transcript Manager back then. @baxter do you know what happened with the Shield Brothers transcript?

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That’s a good question, I don’t remember!

I think it’s fine to add it, but it looks like the formatting is using the old formatting, so ideally we should clean that up first.

@DrJazzyBebop @baxter If you need an updated source for Shield Brothers, let me know :slight_smile:

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Be sure to send me the recording if you do!