Shield Brothers

Name: Shield Brothers
Date Recorded: 2017.05.08

Flying to the Dreadnaught
CAYDE-6 Funny story for you: Remember that Centurion Oryx took right after you landed on the Dreadnaught? Then the Centurion and that Taken Ogre tried to stop you from killing the King? Didn’t work. So the Centurion’s Bond-Brothers are pretty angry they lost their commander. They’re leading a team to blow the Dreadnaught’s core. The core goes, most of the system goes with it. You’re gonna make sure that doesn’t happen.

Transmatting onto the Dreadnaught
Ghost Cayde, why do you think they crashed their ship into the Dreadnaught? Those are extreme tactics for the Cabal.
Cayde-6 The Vanguard intercepted a signal, a message from the Cabal from way outside the solar system: a direct order to crash the ship, use it as a beachhead, and take out the King. Now that’s loyalty.

Entering Dantalion Exedox VI
Ghost I have tracking on the Bond Brothers. They’re the ones leading the assault on the power core. Marking the coordinates now.

A hanger door opens revealing a tank
Ghost Watch out! They brought a tank to a gun fight

Alternative dialogue
Ghost A tank?! Why would you bring a tank to space!?

After defeating the tank
Ghost That went well! Let’s head to the bridge, see if we can reacquire the Brothers.
Cayde-6 I can’t tell you the number of scouts I’ve lost to these ‘brothers’ on Mars. They need to be stopped. Go careful.

Alternative dialogue
Ghost That tank was a present from the Brothers. We need to find them. Let’s check the bridge.
Cayde-6 I heard Ikora say once that the Cabal have six words for ‘advance’ and none for ‘retreat’. I’m really not one for fancy speeches, so… when you find 'em… shoot 'em?

Alternative dialogue
Ghost I’ve lost their signal. Maybe we should try the bridge.
Cayde-6 Those Cabal soldiers have no fear. You know, when they go to war, they’re kicked out of the Empire. Yep. Victory is the only way they get to go home. Not a lot of people know that.

The Bridge
Ghost Taken and Cabal fighting for the bridge. Wherever the Brothers are, they aren’t here. Let’s keep moving.

After defeating Baracus Ma’aulh
Cayde-6 If the Brothers don’t know their commander is dead, this attack could be some kinda bargaining chip. That’s the power of the brotherhood bond. Kinda reminds me of me and Zavala! With less yelling, of course.

Alternative dialogue
Cayde-6 I bet those Brothers don’t even know their commander is dead! Their attack might be some kind of ultimatum: “Give us the Primus, or we blow the ship”.

Alternative dialogue
Cayde-6 So, the Bond Brothers may not even know the Primus was taken. This whole thing could be a power play to get their dead commander back. That’s the hold the Empire gets on these soldiers Guardian, loyalty beyond death.

Approaching the Narthex
Ghost I didn’t think they would leave the core intact, I–oh. Bombs. It’s covered in bombs.

Alternative dialogue
Ghost That… is a lot of Cabal explosive hooked up to the Dreadnaught core.

Alternative dialogue
Ghost Something’s wrong with this picture… You get three guesses.

Having entered the Narthex
Ghost There are munitions hooked up to each structural weakness on the core.

If the fireteam does not scan the munitions immediately
Cayde-6 Shut it down, Guardian.

After scanning the munitions
Ghost I think the brothers know we’re here

Alternative dialogue
Cayde-6 Oh, the brothers are here! Take 'em out!

Alternative dialogue
Cayde-6 That got their attention! Go get 'em, Guardian!

After defeating both Valus Tlu’urn and Valus Mau’ual
Ghost They’re finished!
Cayde-6 I mostly keep doing this Vanguard thing for the perks and bragging rights, but I guess it’s nice to keep the system from exploding, too.

Alternative dialogue
Ghost Targets are neutralized.
Cayde-6 Somewhere, an awful long way from here, some imperial flunky is getting a message; word that these brothers are dead, and they have no more ranking soldiers in our system. You made that happen, Guardian… Savour it.

Alternative dialogue
Ghost It’s done! The brotherhood is broken!
Cayde-6 I hear that the Cabal are big on honour. But look at their actions, not their words. You’ve put an end to war criminals, butchers. And you’ve shown the Empire what the Vanguard’s all about. Nice work.


This is the first time I’ve seen somewhere that a flavor text is confirmed by mission text. “Without victory we/they cannot/get to go home.”

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