Grasp of Avarice: Wilhelm-7, Message 2

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Name: Grasp of Avarice: Wilhelm-7, Message 2
Video URL: Grasp of Avarice | 2nd Message from Wilhelm-7 — Day 4 | Season of the Lost
Recorded: 2021.12.07


++Skywatch, Cosmodrome

**The Guardian finds a message bottle beside a crystal cluster and opens it. A message from Wilhelm-7 plays.

Wilhelm-7: It’s day 4, and still nothing. No gold-plated engrams. No Exotic drops. Just more Fallen and Hive with their stupid Mos Ultimas and Scavenger Suits. I heard Bismarck talking to Pershing and Agadir when they thought I was asleep. He wants us to turn back. But we can’t. Not yet. The Exotics are just around the next corner. I can smell them.