Grasp of Avarice: Wilhelm-7, Message 4

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Name: Grasp of Avarice: Wilhelm-7, Message 4
Video URL: Grasp of Avarice | 4th Message from Wilhelm-7 — Day 10 | Season of the Lost
Recorded: 2021.12.07


++Skywatch, Cosmodrome

**The Guardian finds a message bottle in a hidden room and opens it. A message from Wilhelm-7 plays.

Wilhelm-7: Day 10. We’re deep in the cave system now, and each cavern’s richer than the last. Deciding who gets what is tougher than I thought. Pershing shot Agadir over a mid-tier pulse rifle he already had! Agadir’s Ghost came out hollering, and Pershing damn near shot him too before I stepped in. There are more engrams here than a body could ever need… but nobody wants to part with their cut.