H.E.L.M. Transmissions: Message from Ikora Rey and Queen Mara Sov

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Name: H.E.L.M. Transmissions: Message from Ikora Rey and Queen Mara Sov
Video URL: Points of Connection | Message from Ikora Rey and Queen Mara Sov | Season of the Lost
Playlist URL: Lost, Season of the (Story)
Recorded: 2021.08.25


// REFERENCE {item: speak-with-ikora-2}

// REFERENCE {interaction: ikora-rey-wayfinders-voyage}

// NOTE This interaction becomes available after speaking to Ikora Rey in the Tower during the quest “Wayfinder Voyage I”.

++H.E.L.M., The Last City

**The Guardian approaches the radio in the Awoken wing of the H.E.L.M. and activates it. A conversation between Ikora and Queen Mara Sov plays.

Ikora Rey: And you’re certain she’s contained?

Queen Mara Sov: Certainty is a necessity. It is your doubts we should fear with Savathûn among us.

Ikora Rey: Be straight with me.

Queen Mara Sov: Remember who you are speaking to. I hold all the keys to all your futures.

Queen Mara Sov: I would not let them dangle carelessly without attention.

Ikora Rey: Savathûn’s never been a one-track type of opponent. She’s playing you.

Queen Mara Sov: We are not the same, Ikora. This is a plan long set in motion. She is contained, and soon to be dead.

Ikora Rey: Was Osiris’s capture part of your plan, then? Sagira’s death?

Queen Mara Sov: Navigating the future is not always clear.

Ikora Rey: If you’re willing to sacrifice my people for your plans… how can I be sure you’ll wait to see Osiris returned before slitting the Witch Queen’s throat?

Queen Mara Sov: I mourn for Sagira. I have every intention to see Osiris returned safely. It’s more than you did for me.

Queen Mara Sov: If my assurances mean nothing to you, let me offer a warning instead: you are following your doubts into Savathûn’s trap.

Ikora Rey: Your arrogance might kill another one of my friends… if he isn’t dead already.

Queen Mara Sov: Had I more wishes, things would not be as they are.

Ikora Rey: Had you more wishes, they’d be much worse.

**The transmission ends.