Hijacked Transcript

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Name: Hijacked
URL: https://youtu.be/fa-OAy5dXx0
Recorded: 2017.12.05


++Artifact’s Edge, Nessus
Ikora Rey: One of my Hidden has located an Entangled Mind for you. That class of Vex Mind should provide the processing power you need.
Sagira: Great. We’ll find it and take its brain.

++The Tangle, Nessus
Sagira: I think we’re on the right track.

++The Mists, Nessus
Sagira: Those Vex were patrolling here for a reason. Let’s keep looking around.

**The Guardian finds the Entangled Mind
Sagira: That’s the Vex we need. Go get it.

**The Guardian defeats the Entangled Mind and scavenges the Mind Core.
Sagira: Excellent, this is our processor. I just need to connect it to the Vex network.
Ikora Rey: You’re near the Well of Echoes.
Sagira: Right. The confluxes there should work.

++Well of Echoes, Nessus
Sagira: Get me to the conflux, and I’ll plug in the processor.

**The Guardian uses materialising platforms to reach the conflux
Sagira: I hope this does the trick.

**Sagira plugs in the processor to the conflux.
Sagira: Bad news- the processor shorted out. I’m getting an image, but no coordinates. I’m out of ideas here.
Ikora Rey: We’ve been so focused on the threat of the future… What if the answer lies in the past? If you found the code that created Panoptes, you could use the Infinite Forest against the Vex.
Sagira: YES! We go back to the moment that led to Panoptes, run time forward and use THAT data to find its location in the present! Oh, thats good, Ikora. Osiris level good. You know, you’re not the same Ikora I remember. You’re better.

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