Last Wish Cinematic

Name: Last Wish Cinematic
Recorded: 2019.03.12


Petra Venj: My Queen commanded me to slay a beast. We could not do it alone, so I turned to the Guardians. Six brave heroes came to destroy my people’s greatest secret… Riven. The last known Ahamkara. A creature of immense power and cunning. The Guardians killed Riven and ripped out her heart. But Ahamkara transcend death. They can transform desire into reality… even when they are nothing but bone and dust. I should have known that Riven would grant one last wish… one last curse. Now, the Dreaming City has been Taken. I opened the gates. I ordered the attack. I… should have known.


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Forgot all about this scene. Thanks for getting this.


No problem! Got this clip back in March when I first went to the Dreaming City on my second character. Forgot I got this clip until recently when I was going through my xbox clips :sweat_smile:

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