Mission: A Hum of Starlight

Name: A Hum of Starlight
URL: https://youtu.be/kQZzDmgU6UQ
Recorded: 2018.10.06


++ Spider’s Safehouse, The Tangled Shore

Spider: Huh. Well? Ready for fortune and glory in the Watchtower? Well, go on. I won’t stop you. See, I had a quid pro quo with Queen Mara Sov. Nobody in or out on my watch. But now? Taken pour out, Scorn flow in — place is a revolving door, and I’m washing my hands of it. So, you see our Awoken friends, you tell them I met the parameters of my commitment 100%. Bon voyage, friend. Oh, and the next time you get the itch to play on the right side of wrong, you know where to find me.

++ The Watchtower, The Tangled Shore

Ghost: Petra crossed through that gate alone and asked us to watch her back. That’s what we’re going to do. Now let’s get up there and help our friend.

** The Guardian heads towards the gateway. They find the gateway in a large room. The Guardian destroys the Taken Blights and defeats the Taken with the help of Spider’s Associates.

Ghost: Now’s our chance. Open the gateway.

** The Guardian defeats the Ravenous Taken Knight and deploys Ghost to activate the gateway.

Ghost: It’s open. Let’s go! We’ll be there soon, Petra.

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