Mission "Ares Desperado" | Season of the Seraph

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Name: Mission “Ares Desperado” | Season of the Seraph
Video URL: Ares Desperado | Spire of the Watcher
Playlist URL: Spire of the Watcher — Season of the Seraph
Recorded: 2022.12.09


++The Tower, Earth

**The Guardian approaches Ikora Rey in the Tower Bazaar

Ikora Rey: Guardian. My Hidden have been tracking a series of temporal distortions moving across Mars. Everything seemed benign until they stopped near an old Seraph complex in the northern wastes. As you can see, that Seraph complex then sprang back to life, for the first time since the Collapse, no less. We’d be fools not to take that as an ill omen. Osiris already wants to run headlong into an investigation, but I don’t want him chasing leads onto unsteady ground. I worry about him hurting himself. I would have denied his request to be involved as if Ana wasn’t sure this was important. That’s why I want you to go in his stead. He trusts you, and that was the only way he’d stay out of the field.

**The Guardian returns to Ikora Rey in the Tower Bazaar after completing the Spire of the Watcher dungeon

Ikora Rey: Osiris tells me you foiled quite the scheme: an indirect attack to rip Rasputin out from under our feet. Devious. I was wondering when we’d see the Sol Divisive again. After the destruction of their Undying Mind, I’d hoped they’d slink back into the Black Garden forever… but the Witness has other plans for them. I think Osiris might be right. The Sol Divisive, the Witness… they weren’t just trying to locked away Rasputin’s subminds. They were looking for something. The Seraph Complex you cleared wasn’t just a prison, it was a treasure trove of Golden Age data, weapon schematics, navigational charts, and I’m sure much more. I’m sure our foundries will be tripping over themselves to claim and print Seraph weapon schematics. Ana’s pulling together a fireteam as we speak to recover and transfer it all to the Tower’s archives. Whatever it was the Vex were looking for, we’ll find it. Thank you, Guardian, for not letting Osiris go alone. And good work.