Mission: Nothing Left to Say


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Name: Nothing Left to Say
URL: https://youtu.be/rGhQbBLykFc
Recorded: 2018.09.22


** The Fanatic walks in and places a large chest down.

Uldren Sov: This is as far as you go.
The Fanatic: Please. For you, I go… instead. All know… darkness lives here. Death. You are not of Ether. Can’t bring… you back.
Uldren Sov: All the same.
The Fanatic: Yes, Father. We ever serve and await return.
Uldren Sov: Go. Inspire… and avenge your murdered friends.

** The Fanatic leaves and Uldren Sov turns towards the chest.

The Queen: There’s no more room for fear, dear brother.
Uldren Sov: I’m… not afraid.
The Queen: Of course not.

** Uldren Sov regards the Ace of Spades he is holding, holsters it, and opens the chest, picking up the Light Shard.

The Queen: Oh Uldren. You have sacrificed like no other. You looked into an abyss, bowed to false kings, and suffered uncountable betrayals. You were humiliated, imprisoned, manipulated… Taken. And still you gave up everything… because you love. Please, Brother. Will you walk through hell for me one last time?
Uldren Sov: Yes.
The Queen: Good. Then let us finish this. Even paradise is a prison… when you can’t leave. Free us!

** Uldren Sov walks through a portal.

Ghost: You know what’s down there. The Watchtower. The Fanatic. Uldren. The end. Justice… or revenge. Uldren deserves what’s coming to him, but… Guardian: The “why” of what we’re doing is as important as the “what”. I don’t know what you’re thinking… but remember that.

++ The Watchtower, The Tangled Shore

Ghost: Approaching the watchtower on foot.
Petra Venj: Approaching by air.

** The Guardian defeats some Scorn on the path to The Watchtower with the help of Spider’s Associates.

The Fanatic: You enjoyed killing them? You enjoyed putting them in dirt — where you belong? Did it make you feel good?

** The Guardian drops The Fanatic to two-thirds health and defeats some Scorn.

The Fanatic: Kaniks. Reksis Vahn. Yaviks. Pirrha. Araskes. Hiraks. Elykris. Tell me that killing my friends made you feel good. TELL ME.

** The Fanatic retreats towards The Watchtower and teleports The Guardian into the air and tethers them to his staff.

The Fanatic: I will pay any price… to be there when you die…

** The Guardian kills The Fanatic.

The Fanatic: The Scorn… are… forever…
Ghost: We did it. Only one name left… Uldren Sov.
Petra Venj: It’s time to end this. For Cayde.

** The Guardian enters The Watchtower.

Petra Venj: Guardian. No one has stood where you are since the Queen closed these doors. Yours are the first outsider eyes to ever see this place.

** The Guardian heads upstairs.

Petra Venj: Keep moving. I’ll get to you as fast as I can.

** The Guardian walks through a portal.

++ Ascendant Plane

The Queen: Open the door, Brother. OPEN THE DOOR.
Uldren Sov: I can’t… No…

** The Guardian walks through a portal.

++ The Watchtower, The Tangled Shore

Ghost: The line between dimensional planes is thin here.

** The Guardian heads upstairs, defeats Zuuan, Taken By The Voices, and walks through another portal.

++ Ascendant Place

The Queen: Obey me. FREE ME.

** The Guardian defeats some Taken.

The Queen: FREE ME, O brother mine…
Uldren Sov: No. No, no, no, no… Something’s wrong.

** The Guardian defeats Sorvox, Taken By The Voices, and walks through a newly opened portal.

++ The Watchtower, The Tangled Shore

** The Guardian heads upstairs and the scene changes to Uldren.

The Queen: You’ve no idea how fortunate you are to be my chosen. You hold the flesh of a god in your hands. You are mere steps away from our salvation. Only Light and Dark, together, can unlock my way back into your world. That’s it… keep going. FREE ME!

** Uldren Sov presents the Light Shard, opening a gateway, the Queen appears to be coming through.

Uldren Sov: Mara?
The Queen: Uldren…

** Uldren Sov reaches out for her as she continues to float down toward him.

The Queen: You brave, devoted, pathetic fool. Thank you.

** Uldren Sov grabs her hands and closes his eyes, unknowingly being pulled towards the Voice of Riven who was posing as the Queen.

** Uldren Sov opens his eyes, noticing his mistake too late, and is swallowed whole by the Voice of Riven, dropping the Ace of Spades in his attempt to fight back.

++ The Watchtower, Restricted Zone

** The Guardian begins to fight waves of Taken, and drop the Voice of Riven to two-thirds health.

++ Ascendant Plane

Uldren Sov: Nooooooo!

** The Guardian fights a wave of Taken and kills an Ascendant Plane Guard which opens a portal.

++ The Watchtower, Restricted Zone

** The Guardian continues to fight waves of Taken, and drops the Voice of Riven to half health.

Uldren Sov: SISTER! HELP!

** The Guardian drops the Voice of Riven to one-third health.

++ Ascendant Plane

** The Guardian fights another wave of Taken and kills an Ascendant Plane Guard which opens a portal.

++ The Watchtower, Restricted Zone

** The Guardian drops the Voice of Riven to one-sixth health.

Uldren Sov: [scream]

** The Guardian kills the Voice of Riven, releasing Uldren Sov.

** The Guardian picks up the Ace of Spades, and walks over to Uldren Sov who is struggling to crawl away but gives up when approached.

Uldren Sov: [struggling] [chuckles] Congratulations. You have my undivided attention. Now where’s my sister?

** Petra Venj walks in from the shadows, pointing her gun at Uldren Sov.

Petra Venj: She’s not here, Uldren… And if she was… this would be a whole lot easier.
Uldren Sov: So, this is to be a reckoning.
Ghost: Wait. Not like this. Look at him — he’s finished. Even with everything he’s done, we can’t just —

** Ghost is cut off mid-sentence by Petra Venj

Petra Venj: You have no idea what he’s done! If Cayde was here, I know what he would do, Guardian. Do you?
Uldren Sov: Yes. What would the notorious Cayde-6 do? You have his gun. Seems you get the last word. Everything I did, I did for her. Funny. The line between Light and Dark is so very thin. Do you know which side you’re on?

** The Guardian lowers their gun and looks around conflicted.

** Petra Venj looks over at The Guardian who raises their gun again and affirmatively nods.

** The scene fades to black and a gunshot is heard.

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Don’t forget all the NPC dialogue. And was there no idle dialogue?


There wasn’t any idle dialogue from what I noticed when waiting around (a couple minutes) in different areas to see if there was any, but this being my second time ever doing a transcript there’s I chance I didn’t wait long enough, since I’m not fully familiar with how long you have to wait sometimes.

As for the NPC dialogue, I mentioned in the Discord, but I didn’t get a chance to record what’s said on the Tower after the mission is finished. Considered it, but ShadowPlay was bugging out and I was trying to quickly get the milestone, and ended up not recording those. Looking back, really should have.