Omega Transcript

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Name: Omega
Recorded: 2017.12.05


++The Lighthouse, Fields of Glass
Ghost: This is it. Whether it’s us or Panoptes, someone’s future is ending today.
Ikora Rey: It took Osiris years of study to find a way to open the gateways. We don’t have years, so…
**Ikora forces open the gateway to the Infinite Forest
Ikora Rey: It’s open but unstable. Go! I’ll hold it open for as long as I can!

**The Guardian runs to the Infinite Forest
Ghost: We’ve gotta get to Panoptes before Osiris does. Without Sagira, if he dies, he dies for good.

++The Infinite Forest, Fields of Glass
Ghost: The Infinite Forest — it’s huge. I never thought… When the fate of the world’s not at stake… can we come back?

**The Guardian clears a path through the Infinite Forest
Ghost: We’re only going to get one chance at this. If we lose Panoptes here, we won’t be able to find it again.

++Infinity’s Crown
** The Guardian meets Panoptes who tries to evade the Guardian
Ghost: Where is Osiris?

**The Guardian jumps after Panoptes as it retreats
Ghost: Osiris and Sagira came to the forest to stop Panoptes, but they’re not here. We are.

**The Guardian battles through hoards of simulated enemies and Taldriks, Infinite Proxy
Ghost: No no no no no— it’s deleting us from the Forest— I can’t stop it—
Osiris: Panoptes! Face me! I’ll block it for as long as I can. You must take down it’s defences!
**The Guardian flies up to an arc charge
Osiris: Use the arc charge!
**The Guardian dunks the arc charge and lowers the defenses
Osiris: I can give you a clear shot of its eye, Guardian
**The Guardian manages to get one shot off before Panoptes recovers his shield and summons Ergoth, Infinite Proxy.
Osiris: Your time in the Infinite Forest ends now! The shields!
**The Guardian repeats the process of disabling Panoptes shield, again only getting one shot off before Panoptes recovers his shield. Panoptes tries to retreat again.
Ghost: We can’t let Panoptes get away! Follow it!

**The Guardian continues to fight their way towards Panoptes, killing Alecto, Infinite Proxy
Osiris: No, Panoptes! Your future only has one ending now.

**Osiris materialises another arc charge for the Guardian to use to drop Panoptes shield enabling the Guardian to kill Panoptes
Osiris: And give me back my ghost!

++The Lighthouse, Fields of Glass
**Ikora watches as the Guardian and Osiris emerge from the portal to the Infinite Forest
Osiris: The Vex Mind is destroyed, and the path to their dark future is gone with it.
Sagira: And in case you were wondering, our Guardians were amazing!
Ghost: OUR Guardians? Humph. MY Guardian. Guardian thief.
Ikora Rey: Osiris. It’s been… a very long time.
Osiris: Too long, my… I… I was going to say “student” — but, well, that word is too small for you now.
Ikora Rey: I’ve had other teachers. Time. Pain. A Guardian who makes the habit of the impossible… who I’m proud to call a friend.
Osiris: The world HAS changed.
Ikora Rey: So has the City. You could come back with me.
Osiris: No, my place is here now. We stopped the Vex this time. But many equations lead to the same solution. If they were to ever find another… Besides, I predicted many things, but I never saw you. Now we have a future.
**Osiris ascends the stairs back to the Infinite Forest
Osiris: The pathway to the Forest will be open to you if you ever need to find me… or if you want to talk.
Ikora Rey: I’d like that.
Sagira: Great! Galaxy saved. Friends again. Our big hero over here. And by the way, you’re welcome.
Osiris: Come, little light. We have infinite realities to explore — and all the time in the world.


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