Oracle Engine (Loop 1)

Name: Oracle Engine (Loop 1)


Recorded: 2019.01.11


++ Divalian Mists, The Dreaming City

Sedia: The Taken have seized control of our observatory. I fear they’ve set their sights on the Oracle Engine.

Ghost: The space phone?

Sedia: It is far more than that, but – yes. The Oracle is immeasurably valuable. We cannot repair it. We cannot replace it. And so, we cannot allow the observatory to fall.

Ghost: Understood.

Sedia: I’ll call for reinforcements.

** The Guardian defeats An Ragaar, Son of Xivu Arath, Tir Balok, Daughter of Xivu Arath, and Xavan, Daughter of Xivu Arath, and uses the arc charges which drop after they are each defeated to destroy the barriers blocking the path to the observatory. The Guardian heads towards the observatory.

++ Spine of Keres, The Dreaming City

** The Guardian continues towards the observatory, defeating the Hive and Taken which they encounter. Val Pros, Tower Sentry appears. The Guardian defeats Val Pros, Tower Sentry. The Guardian continues towards the observatory. Orm Vashyx appears. The Guardian defeats Orm Vashyx and picks up the arc charge which drops after it is defeated.

Petra Venj: Guardian, what’s your status?

Ghost: Approaching the observatory now.

Petra Venj: I’m trying to send you some backup. Bear with us.

** The Guardian uses the arc charge to destroy the barrier blocking the entrance to the observatory. The Guardian enters the observatory. Mukor, Soulkeeper and Urgoth, Soulkeeper appear. The Guardian defeats Mukor, Soulkeeper and Ugroth, Soulkeeper.

Ghost: Petra, come in. Observatory’s clear. No damage to the Oracle.

Petra Venj: Good! That’s good – but I can’t shake the feeling that we’re being outmaneuvered. First the relics; now the observatory. I just don’t see how it adds up.

Ghost: It may not. The Hive aren’t renowned for their strategy. Neither are the Taken.

Petra Venj: I suppose that’s true. Good work, anyway.

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