Oracle Offering (Loop 8, Week 1)

Name: Oracle Offering (Loop 8, Week 1)
Recorded: 2019.02.06

++ Spine of Keres, The Dreaming City

** The Guardian presents an Oracle Offering.

Ghost: Queen Mara. This will be our last message to you. We made a commitment to Petra to help protect the Dreaming City. We’ve stood again and again to strike back at the forces that command the curse. We’re proud to fight alongside the Awoken. They’re courageous and honorable, and we affirm our commitment to them and to you. We will not let the city fall. But, there’s no point in calling out to you if you can’t hear us. So. We’re going dark, but we’re not giving up. We are Guardians, and we were made to fight forever. May the Light guard you in whatever battles you face.

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