Payback Transcript

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Name: Payback
Recorded: 2017.10.10


++The Gulch, European Dead Zone
Zavala: Guardian, you’ve got a tough road ahead. So, I’m sending in Holliday with something… special.
Cayde: Are we talking Gjallahorn special? Or an Ikora philosophy lesson special?
Zavala: Just keep moving. Storm the facility and board that Cabal Carrier. No matter the cost — we MUST get to the Almighty.
Cayde: So, Zavala, I gotta ask you something. When you told our Guardian friend here, and I quote, “I need Cayde,” did you by any chance happen to maybe… cry?
Zavala: Ahem, Holliday. What’s your status?
Cayde: Let the record show; no denial.
Amanda: Still a couple clicks out, Commander. This girl’s heavy.

++The Tunnels
** Amanda drops off a tank
Amanda: Heads up!
Ghost: You got us a TANK?
Cayde: You got them a tank? How come I never got a tank?
Amanda: You know you’d just break it.

** The guardian starts fighting their way through the Cabal base.
Amanda: Guardian, holler my way if you need another one of those armored beauties. Plenty more where that came from.
Cayde: Oh, so I get nothing, and they get as many as they want. I see how it is.

**A blast door blocks the way.
Ghost: We should find the controls for that blast door. They’re around here somewhere.

**The Guardian finds the controls
Amanda: Heads up! That carrier’s spinning up its engines. You might want to pick up the pace!
Zavala: Thumos is on that carrier. He has what you need to infiltrate the Almighty. MOVE!

**A Cabal tank gets air lifted in.
Ghost: Of course the Red Legion have tanks too.

**The Guardian defeats the Cabal tank
Ghost: Well, they’ve retracted the bridge. We’re not going to be able to cross that gap.
Cayde: Oh, your super tank cant fly? Oh…

**The Guardian finds an access terminal to extend the bridge
Ghost: That should give us a way across.
Cayde: So, if it wasn’t to give me a tank, why did you send our favourite guardian to find me?
Zavala: Your… high-risk, high-reward combat manoeuvres can be effective and… inspirational.
Cayde: Well, yeah, but with a tank, they could be like a million times MORE inspirational.

**Progressing further through the tunnels
Ghost: We’re almost out of the tunnels and coming up on the carrier.
Zavala: Good. The only thing standing between you and the Almighty is Thumos, the Unbroken. He’s a Blood Guard. One of Ghaul’s “chosen”. The Red Legion will die for him. Why don’t you help them with that?

++Sunken Isles, European Dead Zone
Ghost: They’re shielding the carrier!

Ghost: Wait… see those generators? We need to take them out if we’re going to board that carrier.

**The Guardian destroys the first generator
Ghost: One generator down

**The Guardian destroys the second generator.
Ghost: Shield’s down, but the ship’s about to launch without us!
Zavala: Keep that carrier on the ground!
Cayde: Couple missiles up its tailpipe ought to do the job.

**The Guardian shoots the carriers tail pipe
Ghost: The carrier’s grounded. Now lets find Thumos.
Zavala: Good work Guardian. And Cayde… after this is over, I’ll talk to Holliday about your tank.
Cayde: Aw. I missed you too, buddy.

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