Queen’s Court Loop 4

Name: Queen’s Court (Loop 4)
URL: https://youtu.be/nI0w-m3y1V8
Recorded: 2018.11.27


++ Spine of Keres, The Dreaming City

** The Guardian presents an offering to the oracle and enters the portal.

++ Queen’s Court, Unknown Space

** The Guardian enters the Queen’s Court and approaches Mara Sov.

The Queen: Tell me how my brother died.

Ghost: He… died for you. Everything he did, he did to save you.

The Queen: My brother was strong. Clever. Devoted. But… suggestible. I knew my plans put him at risk. I was not surprised to feel him die.

Ghost: He killed our friend.

The Queen: Yes. I’m sure you miss it. Were you satisfied by your vengeance? …I wasn’t.

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