Queen's Court (Loop 3)

Name: Queen’s Court (Loop 3)
URL: https://youtu.be/CdJyk_1y91A
Recorded: 2018.11.19


++ Spine of Keres, The Dreaming City

** The Guardian presents an offering to the oracle and enters the portal.

++ Queen’s Court, Unknown Space

** The Guardian enters the Queen’s Court and approaches Mara Sov. The Emissary of the Nine can be seen floating near Mara.

The Queen: If that’s so, I accept their terms. Move the asset into position beyond the grave of the first fleet. And do remind them: I have shown more than enough patience.

** The Emissary of the Nine transmats away.

The Queen: It was a friend, once. A confidante. Now, it is a shell. Avoid falling into schemes of the Nine. Like the curse on my people, their games never end. All this, and we find ourselves at the whims of so many small minds. Leave now. My next audience does not find the presence of the Traveler’s Chosen to be…respectful.


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