Queen's Court (Loop 6)

Name: Queen’s Court (Loop 6)
URL: https://youtu.be/FiFUngpdSbw
Recorded: 2019.01.09


++ Spine of Keres, The Dreaming City

** The Guardian presents an offering to the oracle and enters the portal.

++ Queen’s Court, Unknown Space

** The Guardian enters the Queen’s Court and approaches Mara Sov.

The Queen: So, you know how to rule, do you? You understand the sacrifices I make? You speak of good queens and absent rulers, Little Light, so you must know these things. Tell me what I have done wrong. SPEAK! What should I do, when my every action is in service of a future that benefits YOU? You do not know me or the things I do. Do not dare to presume. You have not earned the right. Get out of my sight.

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