Quest: Born In Darkness Part 2, Key to the Truth

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Name: Quest: Born In Darkness Part 2, Key to the Truth
Video URL: Born In Darkness: Part Two | Step Four | Beyond Light - YouTube
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Recorded: 2020.11.12


// REFERENCE {item: key-to-the-truth-12 | Key to the Truth}

++ Perdition, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

** The Guardian enters the Perdition Lost Sector and clears the area of Vex. The Guardian rendezvouses with the Exo Stranger.

Exo Stranger: Clovis may have been a bastard, but he was a brilliant one. He hid decryption algorithms for his journal all over Europa. Found one. It’s in this console. Bring the key to it.

** The Guardian uses the Skeleton Key.

Exo Stranger: We told her she was adopted. Ana. It was… simpler than telling her about our father’s infidelity. But it was more than that. Ana had some… destructive tendencies as a child. Reminded us all of the old man himself. Our mother thought if Ana believed she wasn’t one of us, she’d dodge our grandfather’s “genetic cruelty” as she called it. I never bought it. Cruelty isn’t genetic; it’s learned. Clovis chose to be evil. And Ana was just a child acting out after losing her father. But… in my original timeline, my dark future, Ana eventually found her own brand of cruelty, thanks to the Darkness. It used her troubled past to manipulate her. And she wasn’t strong enough to resist, and I — I had to put an end to it. To my little sister’s life… There was no other choice.

Ghost: You… killed Ana?

Exo Stranger: In my dark future, yes. Truth be told… I miss her. But in this timeline… she doesn’t even know that I’m alive. That’s… by my own design. This time, I kept her away from her past and from me, to prevent the Darkness from getting to her. But no matter what I do — it still finds a way. Eris Morn gave in to curiosity and brought the Darkness. Eramis gave in to desire and built a Dark empire. As with all things Dark, they were both driven by obsession. Because that’s where our fault lies. That’s how Darkness corrupts. I can’t ignore it any longer. Keeping Ana away will only cause her obsession to grow, and the Darkness will find her. I must find her first.

** The terminal chimes.

Exo Stranger: The decryption code worked. There’s enough Stasis research in here to hold us over for now, but there’s a lot yet to decipher. And Ana should be here when we do. I’ll let you know what’s next once I make sense of it all.

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** The Guardian enters the Perdition lost sector
** The Guardian enters the Perdition Lost Sector

** The Skeleton Key is fully decrypted.
** The terminal chimes.