Quest: Honor Among Thieves, Dead Drop

Name: Quest: Dead Drop, Honor Among Thieves
Recorded: 2019.03.12


++ Siren’s Watch, Titan

The Drifter: OK, sister, this’ll be a cake walk. You’re just pickin’ up a stash. Clear out the area. I got Vanguard snitches breathing down my neck. We don’t need anybody followin’ you.

** The Guardian recovers the the repair tools from the Fallen Supply Thieves.

The Drifter: Patching you the XYZ to the pickup site now. You’re looking’ for a big pile of salvage. You’ll know it when you see it.

++ Sinking Docks, Titan

The Drifter: You’re close. It’s just around the corner.

** The Guardian defeats the Fallen in the area and scans the cache.

The Drifter: Huh. Transmat’s down. Maybe the beacon’s busted? Eh… Tell you what. Fallen crews around here jack Vanguard gear all the time. See if you can find a spare beacon. I, uh, got a call coming through that I gotta take.

** The Guardian recovers Sloane’s transmat beacon from a Fallen Supply Thief.

Ghost: Area’s clear. Let’s get back to that stash, so I can send it over.

** The Guardian heads back to the cache and transmats it to the Drifter.

The Drifter: Hey, transmat’s coming through fine, but a little Spider just told me Shin Malphur’s been spotted in the EDZ. Remember him? Famous renegade. Golden Gun. Mad-on for revenge. He and I had an arrangement. The EDZ was NOT part of that arrangement. Come on back to base. We gotta regroup.

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