Quest: Let Loose Thy Talons, Harbinger

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Name: Quest: Let Loose Thy Talons, Harbinger
Video URL: Let Loose Thy Talons | Harbinger | Season of the Hunt - YouTube
Playlist URL: N/A
Recorded: 2021.02.26


++ Trostland, European Dead Zone, Earth

** The Guardian arrives and searches for Savathûn’s Emissaries.

Ghost: Crow, the hawk is back. I think we may have unfinished business.

Glint: We’re nearby. I’m detecting a surge in Taken activity.

The Crow: We’ll run the perimeter; keep them from closing you in.

Ghost: Affirmative. We’ll lead the way.

** The Guardian passes through the ruins of an old building.

++ The Reservoir, EDZ, Earth

** The Guardian descends onto the base of the dam and enters the dam.

** Three Emissaries of Savathûn appear. The Guardian forces all Emissaries of Savathûn to retreat. The Guardian tracks and defeats all Emissaries of Savathûn.

The Guardian discovers paracausal feathers.

** The Guardian follows the Hawk to the lower level of the Reservoir. The Guardian survives the Taken and defeats more Champions and Emissaries of Savathûn. The Guardian follows the Hawk to an ascendant portal.

++ Hallowed Rift, European Dead Zone, Earth

** The Guardian exits the portal.

Ghost: We’re — this is the Hallowed Grove.

Glint: We were transported too. There was a spike in paracausal energy; I think the Traveler is showing its hand again.

** The Guardian traverses the grove while defeating Taken to reach the Shard of the Traveler.

The Guardian discovers more paracausal feathers.

** The Guardian reaches the Shard of the Traveler.

Akorith, Lightdrinker of Savathûn appears.

Ishrasek, Lightbinder of Savathûn appears.

Tarusk, Lightstealer of Savathûn appears. Korusk, Lighteater of Savathûn appears.

** The Guardian defeats all Taken and drives Savathûn out.

The Crow: The Traveler brought us together to rebuild Hawkmoon. We fought Savathûn’s Taken, we channeled the Light, and we turned something dead and gone into something beautiful.

Glint: Reforged in the Light. For a purpose.

The Crow: I think I understand what mine is. I’m not just a Lightbearer. I’m not the man I was before. He’s gone, forever. I’m an instrument of the Traveler’s will… I’m a Guardian.

// REFERENCE {item:Hawkmoon}

so technically this transcript applies to any run of Harbinger, the mission/activity, but I do understand the mission “belongs” to the quest and that the quest is useful as a keyword.
i’m not sure which belongs after or before a colon… maybe “harbinger” or “let loose etc” should be in parentheses? i think i lean toward something like
Harbinger (Let Loose Thy Talons)
just looking to clean up the sort of loose-feeling comma in the title