Quest: Report to Zavala, Exodus: Evacuation

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Name: Quest: Report to Zavala, Exodus: Evacuation
Recorded: 2020.09.09


++ Courtyard, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian approaches Commander Zavala after assisting with Exodus evacuations on Io, Titan, Mercury, and Mars.

Zavala: So this is how it ends. Ana Bray will join us in the Tower with what she’s salvaged of Rasputin. But the rest… Let Brother Vance chase shadows. We can waste no more time trying to stop him. Asher Mir will stand and fight — he still has the heart of a Guardian. And Deputy Commander Sloane… she plans to meet the Pyramid above Titan head-on. One woman against the Darkness. What more could I have done? I tried to unite the Vanguard, and now we lie splintered in the face of the dark fleet. All we have left is faith in the Traveler… faith in the Light. Faith… in you.

// REFERENCE {entry:Traveler’s Chosen}

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