Quest: Tainted Black Armory Gear, The Spider's Competition

Name: Quest: Tainted Black Armory Gear, The Spider’s Competition
Recorded: 2018.12.07


++ Annex, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian shows Ada-1 a piece of Black Armory gear that they previously recovered from one of the Fallen.

Ada-1: This is definitely forge-made. Though the serial number is unfamiliar. Doesn’t match the forge in the European Dead Zone. And somehow – Fallen tech is baked in. Disgusting. This abomination deserves to be broken, burned, and dumped into the void. Someone must have found another forge. Acquire any more of these abominations, and take them to our portly friend on the Tangled Shore. When you trust the Spider, what’s lost becomes found.

++ Spider’s Safehouse, The Tangled Shore

** After gathering some more Tainted Black Armory Gear, the Guardian visits the Spider.

Spider: Now, rumor has it Ada-1 has grown somewhat… tolerant of you Lightmongers. Quite the achievement. Don’t celebrate just yet, friend. Ada-1’s headache has become my own. It appears the same Black Amory contraband you found has turned up on my Shore. To think someone other than me would sell their merch around here without even introducing themselves… I’m wildly interested in getting to know my latest competition. Perhaps we should start by… “saying hello” to some of their associates. Something tells me I’ll be hearing the sweet sound of skulls knocking together very soon.

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