Quest: The Lost Cryptarch

Name: Quest: The Lost Cryptarch
Recorded: 2018.11.17


++ Cosmodrome, Old Russia, Earth

Holliday: OK, got your signal. Where’d you end up…? Oh my cotton socks - the Cosmodrome?! Uh… sit tight! There. I scrambled your location. Zavala won’t know you’re breakin’ the quarantine on Old Russia. Do me a solid and stick to the Wall, OK? All hell’s gonna break loose if the big guy finds out you’re there. Meantime, I’ll keep you covered. See if you can find any clues nearby. Then track down the Fallen bastards that did this. After all, you’ve got some practice.

** The Guardian heads towards the Wall and finds a barrier blocking the entrance into the Wall. An Irradiated Shank appears. The Guardian defeats the Irradiated Shank, disabling the barrier. The Guardian heads into the Wall.

++ The Breach, Old Russia, Earth

** The Guardian makes their way through the Wall, eventually entering a large room. Kikliss, Murderer appears. The Guardian fights against Kikliss. A servitor, Rudriks-9, appears. The Guardian defeats both Kikliss, Murderer and Rudriks-9. The Guardian heads back towards the area outside the Wall where they first landed.

Holliday: That’s it, huh? You got ‘em. Somthin’s still buggin’ me about this, though. Get back to that teleporter when you can. But listen: I don’t think my little trick is gonna fool Zavala twice. This might be the last time you ever set foot in the Cosmodrome. See you back in the Tower.


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