Quest: The Lost Gofannon Forge, The Spider's Competition

Name: Quest: The Lost Gofannon Forge, The Spider’s Competition
Recorded: 2018.12.07


++ European Dead Zone, Earth

** The Guardian follows the tracks of tainted gear in search of clues to its origin, investigating multiple locations from the Winding Cove to the Outskirts. In every cache location, Siviks, Lost to None can be sighted just as he makes his getaway. In one of these Fallen Caches, the Guardian finds a delivery note which indicates that Nessus is where the tainted Black Armory gear originated. The Guardian follows the Anarchist Captain, Kell’s Scourge to Nessus in the hopes of further pinpointing the origin of the tainted gear.

++ The Conflux, Nessus

** After hunting the Anarchist Captain, Kell’s Scourge and obtaining the location of Siviks’ center of operations on Nessus, the Guardian heads to the location to investigate. At the location, the Guardian sees Siviks, who gives a set of Black Armory drones to Telksis, The Pillager, before slipping away. The Guardian defeats Telksis, the Pillager. The Guardian scans Siviks’ Black Armory crates and they reveal the existence of a second Black Armory forge in an uncharted location of Nessus.

++ Lost Fuselage, Nessus

** The Guardian defeats Serekis-9, Kell’s Scourge, a servitor which was guarding the Gofannon Forge. The Guardian reclaims the lost forge.

++ Annex, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

Ada-1: Nice job, Guardian! You found another forge, took down the Fallen, and saved the day! Is that what you hoped to hear? Sorry to disappoint, but I am not your precious Vanguard. That was… rude of me. I just… never intended on playing fetch with Guardians. And now this… Siviks attempts to steal what we hold dear. I eagerly anticipate the day we return the favor.

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