Rasputin and Destiny 2

If you look at the pictures for Destiny 2 expansion packs, some of them have Rasputin’s logo on it. Anyone have a clue why :grey_question:

What would be so significant that there would be an entire expansion based on a Warmind? Did something happen? Something that is linked with Rasputin and the new Failsafe A.I?

Also, if Warminds are so powerful, specifically Rasputin, being in control of the Martian and Venus Warminds, what would have been powerful enough to cause a problem?

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“Because that expansion is going to be about Rasputin” would be my guess.


Maybe Raspy’s elevated its Threat Condition in response to the Traveler’s current state? Ergo Raspy’s going to be more involved to fulfill its “defend humanity” imperative? Maybe Raspy will JumpStart Charlemagne as well and this might factor in D2’s main story?

I direct you to this link here, specifically this part here-[quote=“GhostDante, post:1, topic:126”]
According to Ghost Fragment: Darkness Rasputin detects an entity outside of the solar system that is obviously hostile and prepares his defenses but despite his efforts, all countermeasure fail to affect the entity. Rasputin 3 then goes on to explain that he eventually realizes that the Darkness could not be defeated by conventional means and enacts several protocols designed to formatt his programming to allow him to go dormant until a way to defeat the Darkness could be found. He goes through a monologue in Ghost Fragment: Mysteries, describing how everything has died in a metaphorical, albeit mythological manner, before subsequently shutting down. But before this point, Rasputin had previously enacted SUBTLE ASSETS IMPERATIVE as seen in Rasputin 5, 3, 6; believing the Traveler to be some sort of threat, in his paranoia and maddened state, Rasputin lashes out at the Traveler with his strongest weapons – which somehow failed to stop the Darkness – causing massive damage and forcing a burst of Light from it which pushes the Darkness back, releases the Ghosts, and ends the collapse. A part of this hypothesis include the Ghosts as being creations of Rasputin and were infused by the Traveler’s Light from the explosion.

All of this Rasputin did to protect humanity by shooting the Traveler. So why would he suddenly rise above his old self to do something to help the Traveler?

By the way, this is all a hypothesis…

@Phoenixfiend, you’re misquoting my entire post there. :stuck_out_tongue:


maybe his “mignight exigent” protocol will finally be finished? :thinking:

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There is tail of a powerful witch in destiny 2.She could have did it.She was more powerful than oryx.

Maby the traveler did something to scare rasputin.he shot the traveler,injuring him…but now he understands he messed up.

Savathun is not yet in the solar system, though the Hive are attempting to summon her.

I don’t think that is the case. Nothing the Traveler could have done would make Rasputin fire upon something that so completely outmatches him. He considered it but it never came to fruition.

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The reason why DLC 2 has Rasputin’s Logo is becaue it is going to be a Rasputin/Warminds-themed DLC.

Rasputin featured in multiple missions in Destiny and is hinted at in an adventure in Destiny 2. For years now, many people have wanted to know about Rasputin as much as (if not more) than Osiris. As for if something happened with Rasputin, we don’t know what has happened but looking at information from Arecibo (Adventure on Io) we can hypothesise that Rasputin (or possibly another Warmind/AI) is ready for war.

There are plenty of things powerful enough to ‘cause a problem’ with Rasputin. The Hive and other forces of the Darkness are the most likely culprits, especially if the recent DLC leaks are to be believed

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Was the theory that Rasputin shot the Traveler not proven to be wrong?

It has been proven to be wrong. Those who say otherwise are hyping it up for clickbait (YouTubers) or who just want to be contrary.


Actually, the DLC leaks are believable, check out my post here.

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