Season of the Chosen cinematic: The Assassination Attempt On Commander Zavala

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Name: Season of the Chosen cinematic: The Assassination Attempt On Commander Zavala
Video URL: Haunted | The Assassination Attempt On Commander Zavala | Season of the Chosen
Playlist URL: Chosen, Season of the (Story) from Destiny Lore Vault
Recorded: 2021.03.09


++The Last City

**The Traveler hangs over the City at night; trees frame the view.

Zavala: Sometimes I like to listen to the City’s pulse.

Zavala: I hear it best when the people are asleep… and when I’m alone.

**Cicadas sing among the leaves. His Ghost, Targe, floats over his right shoulder.

Zavala: It was a warm night… and I wanted to feel the breeze on my face.

**Zavala stands in a garden with his eyes closed.

Zavala: I took a walk through the first garden we planted inside these walls… to remind myself how far we’ve come.

Zavala: We’ve made so many sacrifices since those early days.

Zavala: But with the green of that garden and the murmur of the city we built up around it… I could be at peace… for a little while.

Zavala: Have you ever felt someone’s eyes watching you, Guardian?

Zavala: You might not believe it, but I knew he was there before I saw him.

Zavala: I turned… and there he was.

**Zavala sees Crow’s face, obscured by the bushs or flowrs around him and the darkness of the night, but recognizable.

Zavala: Uldren Sov.

Zavala: His spirit, haunting me.

*Zavala and Targe stare, distracted from the Psion that slowly reveals themself behind him.

Zavala: Then he shouted a warning, and something snapped in the trees behind me.

Zavala: I spun around, my gun in hand before I realized I’d drawn it.

**A shot fires. Cicadas scatter. Smoke coils into the air from the pistol Zavala has used to kill the assassin.

Zavala: It all happened so fast. A Cabal assassin. One of Caiatl’s, no doubt.

**Zavala and Targe stand over the body.

Zavala: When I looked back for Prince Uldren… he was gone.

**The bushes where Zavala saw “Uldren” are now empty. The Psion bleeds out onto the ground.

Zavala: Was it a troubled spirit? A hallucination?

**Zavala still stands over the body; his face is obscured but his posture implies the alarm and doubt of the situation he’s now in. He has lowered his gun, and the smoke coils up toward the Traveler. Cicadas starts to buzz again.

Zavala: I wasn’t sleeping well before. Now I’m not sure I will at all.