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Name: Six
Recorded: 2017.10.02


++The Cistern, Nessus
Ghost: Failsafe, we are at your coordinates. Cayde is stuck inside the Vex protal system. Can you help us find the power source so that we can him out.
Failsafe: Oh yes! By locating the original Vex Teleporter the Cayde Unit used, you can shut down the loop and free him. I can guide you there.
Ghost: OK. So we find this Vex teleporter and shut it down. Easy.

++Pools of Luminance, Nessus
Ghost: Ew. This looks like the stuff inside the Vex.
Failsafe: It’s called Radiolaria. You know, mind fluid!
Ghost: Ikora says it’s an organic compound, which means the Vex are not pure robot.

**The Guardian destroy a group of Harpies
Ghost: What could have possibly brought Cayde to Nessus?
Failsafe: I know the answer!
Ghost: One; stop listening in on us. Two; what’s the answer?
Failsafe: He asked me not to tell anyone!

**The Guardian continues navigating through the Pools of Luminance
Failsafe: Warning! Vex threat detected! They are blocking your path to the Cayde Unit’s teleporter. You will have to eliminate them.

**The Guardian destroys all the Vex
Failsafe: I thought you wholesale destruction of the Vex would make me miss my captain and crew less.
Ghost: Did it?
Failsafe: It did not.

**The Guardian emerges into a circular room with two statues and machinery in the middle
Ghost: This is the Vex teleporter?
Failsafe: Yes! The Cayde-6 Unit will want it. You should pick it up!
**The Guardian deactivates and picks up the device
Cayde-6: Take that you scrap heap! I’m out, baby! Out! Woo!
Ghost: Cayde! Where are you?
Cayde-6: Hey! You did it! You got me out! Ha! Hahha… And… wh-where- where am I?
Failsafe: Cayde Unit, you are near the remains of my reactor core. Welcome to the Exodus Black. Where all your dreams come true.

**The Guardian starts to head back to the surface of Nessus to meet up with Cayde-6
Cayde-6: Seems like you met my new friends, Failsafe and her evil twin, Failsafe.
Ghost: Which is the evil one?
Failsafe: If I had feelings, they would be hurt!

++The Cistern, Nessus
Cayde-6: Uh oh. The Fallen’s got the Vex in a tizzy, and by tizzy I mean murderous rampage. I’ll hunker down in the Exodus Black.
Failsafe: Here? But my hull is in 108 pieces. Decks 1 through 20 are buried. And my coolant system…I am a mess.
Cayde-6: oh, we know, Failsafe. We know.
Failsafe: Interuder alert!
Cayde-6: It’s me! It’s- It’s “the Cayde Unit”?
Failsafe: False. I mean, true. But you are attracting large numbers of Fallen to my position.
Cayde-6: Dangnabbit! Failsafe, they’re shootin’ at me!
Failsafe: Then I advise you not get shot.

++Glade of Echoes, Nessus
Ghost: I was hoping the Fallen and Vex would finish each other off on Venus.
Cayde-6: But then you’d miss all the fun!

**The Guardian spots Acanthos, a Gate Lord
Ghost: That is a really big Vex

**The Guardian fights their way toward the Exodus Black
Ghost: Guys, we’re blocked! The Vex put up a barrier!
Failsafe: I know how to disable that barrier! The bix Vex. Smash it.

**The Guardian destroys Acanthos, Gate Lord
Ghost: The Gate Lord’s down. Hold on, Cayde, we’re on our way.
Cayde-6: Uh, thats good to hear, ‘cause the Fallen just found us.
Failsafe: Activating defence shield. The Cayde-6 must stand back.
Cayde-6: Hey, nice one, Failsafe!. The Fallen can’t get to us now! That’s- that’s right though, they- they can’t, right? … get to us?

++Exodus Black
Cayde-6: Hey, you probably wanna hustle. I think they just said something about ripping my beautiful horn off my face? My beautiful, beautiful horn. Then again, my Eliksni is pretty rusty.
Failsafe: Intruder alert!
Ghost: Ugh! IT’S US!

**Jaliks, Fallen Captain brings in reinforcements, but the Guardian kills Kaliks
Ghost: Hey! That Fallen dropped something!

**The Guardian picks up Jaliks’ scorch cannon, and fights off the rest of the Fallen
Failsafe: You have saved us! Updating my crew log. New captain registered. Welcome aboard, Captain!

**The Guardian walks in. Cayde’s ghost peaks out from behind cover.
Cayde-6: Hey-hey! Down, down, down…
**Cayde stands up, surveying the Guardian waving the Vex teleporter
Cayde-6: So it’s true. The Light found its way back to you. Not that I’m jealous or nothin’, but take it easy out there, will ya? You’re making me look bad.
**The Guardian passes Cayde-6 the Vex teleporter
Ghost: What, may we ask, were you going to do with a Vex teleporter?
Cayde-6: Get up close and personal with Ghaul, Put a bullet in his head. The maybe eat a sandwich. Gotta work on a few kinks first. Fun fact about Vex tech; not as intuitive as you would think.
Ghost: Cayde, you can’t do this alone.
Cayde-6: The hell I can’t. Aw!
Ghost: [sigh] Even if you manage to kill Ghaul, when the Red Legion leave a system- defeat or victory- they leave nothing behind.
Cayde-6: The Cabal are bad guys who do bad things. Yes. I get it.
Ghost: I’m sorry, but I do not think you do. The Cabal literally leave nothing behind. They have a weapon that can destroy a star! And it is pointed directly at our sun.
Cayde-6: Hey-hey-hey! Easy, easy, you’re gonna blow a bulb.
Ghost: Zavala has a plan. He needs you, Cayde.
Cayde-6: Yes, well Zavala always says he has a plan, but sometimes he just- Wait- Zavala said he needs me? As in you heard those exact words coming out of Zavala’s mouth?
Ghost: Yes. We did.
Cayde-6: Please tell me you recorded it! Well, did Ikora at least hear it?
Ghost: Actually, Zavala lost her after the City fell. We don’t know where she is.
Cayde-6: Io. Io… it’s where she’d go to look for answers. Hey, um… Thanks. I owe ya one.

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