Spire of the Watcher | Season of the Seraph

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Name: Spire of the Watcher | Season of the Seraph
Video URL: Spire of the Watcher
Playlist URL: Spire of the Watcher — Season of the Seraph
Recorded: 2022.12.13


++Spire of the Watcher, Mars

**Osiris debriefs the Guardians traveling to Mars.

Osiris: An old acquaintance among the Hidden tells me that a Seraph complex recently powered on for the first time since the Collapse. Shortly thereafter, Vex incursions were reported. Ana flagged the site as a potential Pillory bunker. If the Vex gain access to its systems, they’ll use it to wrest Rasputin’s submind data away from us. It would be catastrophic.

**The Guardians arrive by the Ishtar Chronoscopic Analysis outside the complex

Osiris: You’ve landed at the source of the complex’s Arc supply. Centuries in Martian rust have done this place no kindness. Our window of opportunity is short. Arc surges destabilize the complex, and Vex are breaching the command matrix. Go.

**The Guardians unlock the entrance to the complex

Osiris: It is unusual to see Sol Divisive Vex outside the Black Garden. They’re a fanatical sect of programming devoted to the Darkness… or rather, the Witness.

**The Guardians venture down into the complex

Osiris: The Ishtar Collective… in a Seraph complex? Peculiar. They were rivals in the Golden Age. This wasn’t just a Pillory site; it was a joint research facility… focused on extra-solar colonization efforts. The Sol Divisive have been scouring research logs. They were looking for something more than to imprison Rasputin’s subminds.

**The Guardians ascend and walk past monitors

Osiris: The information stored here, the — could it be linked to my visions? Why else would the Witness be interested in these files?

**The Guardians ascend to the top of the complex

Osiris: A Vex Mind remains in this terminal like an open door. It’s using the tower’s arrays to connect with installations across Sol. This must be in preparation to imprison the subminds. Breaking their connection could end this threat.

**The Guardians defeat Akelous, The Siren’s Current

Osiris: Your foe breaks, and so does their hold over the security systems. Perhaps now we can — No… no! They’re driving the reactor core to a meltdown! It’s going prompt critical! Those power surges were intentional. Get to the reactor, lest we lost everything!

**The Guardians descend back down into the complex

Osiris: Guardian, what we’ve seen here proves my visions have merit. We must secure the complex to convince Ikora. Trust is… a frail thing. As much as our mission, if this can restore her faith in me… I need this.

**The Guardians enter the complex’s reactor core station

Osiris: A Vex Mind directs power to the reactor. Kill it, and the complex should stabilize.

**The Guardians defeat Persys, Primordial Ruin and collect their loot from a chest

Osiris: This was a clever incision by the Witness. A multi-front attack. Sabotage us, glean knowledge, and annihilate any trace of advantage. Extra-solar colonies… heh. Ages ago, Saint and I… thought we’d leave the City. Once we’d made it safe, we’d explore the universe. That time never came. A matter of finite seconds lost in the margins, then. Now… there’s only the want of more. But we learn to make do, Young Wolf, and turn the edges of defeat into victory.