[SPOILERS] Dredgen Yor Is Alive...or he can be if he wants to


Alright lets get right into it.

Im going to try to make a case for Yor having access to an Ascendant Realm.

Im sure by now most of us have read the new lore regarding the murder of Cayde 6. In this, it is stated that a “devouring bullet” (a bullet that eats light) was used to perma-kill Sundance, Cayde’s ghost. To forge this effect, it is explained that an Ascendant Realm is necessary.

As we know by now, Ascendant Realms are your ultimate backup plan in the possibility you are eventually killed. Well how do you get one of these? I think the Mindbender is a good example of this. While he was versed in Hive magic previously, he had not yet achieved Ascendant status. Killing Cayde did the trick for him though. If you want it, the killing of a powerful foe is enough to carve out a space for you.

Back to Yor.

He has a weapon that devours light already. Thorn. So right off the bat we know that an ascendant power was necessary to craft it. Playing devils advocate, lets just assume that someone else with an AR made this weapon.

Lets take the path the Mindbender took. Yor murdered many powerful Guardians.

Jaren Ward.

Just to name a few that we know of for sure. ONE of these Guardians alone would be enough to grant him ascendancy if he so desired. All 3 and you’re looking at quite the formidable domain. So even if he didnt use his AR to craft Thorn, he still had the option of one afterwards. In this context, his words on Thorn mean a great deal more they originally could be taken for. Almost as if he knows what his murders have gained him.

[u.1:5.7] This is farewell, but you can only run from your sins so far. In the end, you will die alone.
[u.2:6.0] Maybe so. But I gotta tell ya… I tend to like my odds.
[u.1:5.8] Your tainted “Rose” will not always save you.
[u.2:6.1] Old friend… It already has

Ghost Frgament: Thorn 3

Im almost done, bear with me. But if we head just a little farther into the rabbit hole we come to quote made by none other than our Bungie overlords. In a conversation with some of the content creators at the Destiny 2 Summit at Bungie HQ, the question was posed of how our Guardian would fare in a fight against the Shadows. Bungie’s reply was very interesting. They said we shouldn’t pick battles that we would lose.

This is interesting for multiple reasons but Im only going to focus on one. We killed Oryx. A god by all rights. If we face a force stronger than Oryx, and they are aware of the Ascendant Plane, then they most definitely have the option to carve out their realm.

And if Yor has made a realm for himself, what does that say about the Guardians acquiring “Dredgen” titles in Gambit? If Yor made a covenant similar to the likes of Savathun Xivu or Oryx, we could unknowingly be tithing to Yor’s nature, increasing his power. Of course this last part is pure conjecture.

The point of all this isnt to say that Yor is definitively back, but instead ask, does it make sense for a Legend of this stature to not know about Ascendant Realms and furthermore not utilize one? Food for thought. Let me know whatcha think!


Seems pretty well thought out. Makes sense when you think about it. Overall good theory!


Additional details: Callum Sol, a shadow of Yor was found by Shin Malphur in the ascendant realm. The Drifters rock ties to the ascendant realm (specifically the Nine). The Drifter could be using motes of Dark to tithe to Yor, or be telling Shadows that’s what he’s doing as bait for them, depending on who’s side he’s really on. Callum Sol’s line of “You’ll never kill us all” has a lot more meaning if the Shadows/Yor have an ascendant realm.


Either way this definitely paints a picture of Shin and the Drifter luring the minions to get to the head. Because no matter how many Dredgens are made in Gambit, theyre nothing compared to the real deal…if you can get to him at all.


Also we killed Crota, Riven, Aksis, Atheon, the Mind of the Infinite Forest, and many others. We are by all means more than a god if we employ the Sword Logic, because holy shit. Our ascendant realm would look incredible, but of course, if Dregden is alive. We may have a match to meet


This actually makes a whole lot of sense. Yor saying that his Thorn already saved him does seem to imply he has some sort of backup plan for himself, which could very well be an ascendant realm.


Im saying that either he used an AR to make Thorn, or the lives he took with Thorn made the AR for him


The second one makes more sense to me because of the Sword Logic and all that. If he did use an AR to make the Thorn, who would provide the power/AR to create it in the first place?


agreed there

short answer? No clue. But its not out of the question that Savathun used Yor as a tool against the city and gave him the ability to craft the weapon/or just gave it to him outright. After all. The green is hive-y


That sounds pretty plausible. The guy (forgot his name) that you fight in the Last Word quest mission wields a Proto-Thorn, which may indicate that it is the prototype version as was the case with the Proto-Hive and the normal Hive after the encounter with the worm gods. If the guy works under Savathun that could actually be it. I forgot the dialogue but I’ll try and find a transcript to check this.
EDIT: his name is Enkaar
woah hold up I’m coming up with new ideas. Enkaar could have actually been making the new Thorn before we killed him in the mission, so maybe the quest for it will have us go and find him again. If he was ascendant, he could have been the one to make the Thorn for Yor.
Sorry if I’m a little all over the place, I’m just making some connections and trying to get them out there.


So Spinfoil Hat theory then?


The Speaker is actually a lizard person… Equips spinfoil hat and the Traveler is making the Fallen gay.


Spinfoil theory but a definite possibility.


OH! I hadnt thought about that


Yeah me neither, nice work. Granted I don’t have Forsaken and haven’t played since Warmind but hey. It is what it is.


didn’t we forsake the sword logic by not accepting Oryx’s power, ?


Yes. This is why Toland is mad at us


So I made a post a while ago, that if I’m being honest isn’t nearly as good as this one, about the Drifter being Yor or a Shadow. Pretty sure he isn’t Yor himself, but I brought up the theory of an Ascendant Realm but didn’t really have much proof except that he maybe could do it. Looks like you have some solid evidence of a possibility. Well done @HipNuts


Many thanks, headin over to give yours a read now!


Doesn’t look like it. Quest has been datamined: https://www.light.gg/db/items/3080875461/independent-study/