The Glassway (Post-Campaign)

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Name: The Glassway (Strike)
Video URL: N/A
Playlist URL: The Glassway | Prevent the Vex (Introduction): "You Can Call Me Elsie. Or Elisabeth" | Beyond Light - YouTube
Recorded: 2020.11.25


++ Asterion Abyss, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

** The Guardian returns to Europa and pushes through House Salvation’s defenses to reach the Vex portal.

Ghost: We’re here, Stranger.

Exo Stranger: We’re not strangers anymore, Little Light. You can call me Elsie. Or Elisabeth. Whatever works.

Ghost: Okay. Elisabeth it is. And once again, I prefer Ghost.

Exo Stranger: Guardian, are you there yet?

Ghost: We just arrived.

Exo Stranger: Good. The Vex are attempting another incursion. Shut them down.

Ghost: We’re on it.

Ghost: We’re here, Stranger. So what’s our plan?

Exo Stranger: Despite our best efforts, the Vex gate within remains active thanks to Eramis. Destroying it loses us a vital link to the Vex… a story for another time, perhaps. For now, we need to focus on stopping any further incursions from the portal.

Ghost: Understood. We’ll take care of it.

++ Nexus, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

** The Guardian discovers Fallen Skiffs deploying Fallen soldiers in the Nexus.

** The Guardian defeats the Fallen and disables a barrier, moving deeper into the Nexus.

** Warrior’s Enforcer appears. The Guardian defeats Warrior’s Enforcer and disables another Fallen barrier.

** Technocrat’s Assistant appears. The Guardian defeats Technocrat’s Assistant and disabled another Fallen barrier.

Ghost: Here we are again, cleaning up another of Clovis Bray’s messes.

Exo Stranger: I’m sure wherever he is, he’s laughing at us. He’s the reason all this is here in the first place. The Darkness “told” him to build the portal. It’s his fault the Vex invaded. He fault so many people died… I did everything I could. It still wasn’t enough.

Ghost: There’s no use in quantifying the help you give. Any amount is enough. You’ve done far more than most.

Exo Stranger: And it’s only just begun, Little Light.

Ghost: Elisabeth, you must know why Clovis built the portal.

Exo Stranger: Greed. Obsession. This list is long. If you asked him, he would have told you he was “saving humanity.” Collecting the radiolarian fluid from the Vex that came through was the prime purpose. I wanted it shut down. Clovis wouldn’t have it. Once again, he flew too close to the sun, and once again, the rest of us paid for it. Bastard.

++ Glassway, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

** The Guardian fights through more Fallen defenses and draining the Radiolarian Fluid to unlock the path forward. The Guardian traverses the pit and clears the area of any Fallen and Vex.

** The Vex portal activates. Transcendent Hydra arrives. Belmon, Transcendent Mind also arrives followed by Vex reinforcements.

Ghost: We’ve reached the portal.

Exo Stranger: You know what to do.

Ghost: Here they come.

Exo Stranger: Don’t let even a single one escape.

** The Guardian prevents Belmon and Transcendent Hydra’s invasion as they take to the Void. The Guardian defeats Belmon, Transcendent Mind and Transcendent Hydra. The Radiolarian Fluid is drained from the pool in front of the Vex Portal.

Exo Stranger: We’re safe for now, but they’ll be back again in no time.

Ghost: You know where to find us when they do.

Exo Stranger: I do indeed. Thanks again.

Ghost: The Vex are down for the count.

Exo Stranger: Good riddance. Evil bastards. Until next time.