The Machinist Transcript

Name: The Machinist
Recorded: 2018.09.08


++ Spider’s Safehouse, Tangled Shore

Spider: Look at you. If our prodigal prince is not yet afraid of you… He should be. Six down… yet the strongest three remain. Of the prince and his pet Fanatic, reports are few. However, your bloodbath has forced the Machinist out of hiding. Moreover, I hear she’s amassing great quantities of corrupted Ether - to grow the Fanatic’s depraved armies. When you pay the Machinist a visit, I urge you to destroy any and all caches of their vile ambrosia. And by the way? Death suits you.

++ The Dark Forest, European Dead Zone

** Uldren Sov walks through the Dark Forest. He encounters a group of Dregs, who bow to him. Uldren walks towards the shard of the Traveler. Mara Sov appears behind Uldren.
The Queen: Be brave.

** Uldren shoots the shard of the Traveler, exposing a small, glowing shard.
The Queen: Now take it.

** Uldren picks up the small shard.
The Queen: Move.

** A bullet narrowly misses Uldren. Petra Venj is shown, hiding nearby with a sniper rifle.
Petra: Damn!

** Petra Venj runs away. The group of Dregs chase after her.

++ Soriks’s Cut, Tangled Shore

Ghost: We’re in the Machinist’s territory now. This one isn’t just another name on a list. The Machinist is the Fanatic’s right hand. She commands an arsenal of stolen tech. Human, Awoken, Fallen, Cabal… anything she can get her hands on.

++ The Boil, Tangled Shore

Ghost: This tank is City-made. Machinist has good taste, I’ll give her that.

** Ghost scans the tank.
Ghost: Everything’s working - except the two most important parts: the turret and the nav module. But we ARE in a junkyard. I’ve ID’d some possible replacements nearby.

** The Guardian finds the turret.
Ghost: This turret’s seen better days. But I can make it work.

** The Guardian picks up the turret and places it in the tank.
Ghost: Turrets are online. You get the nav module. I’ll cover you.

** The Guardian finds the nav module. They pick it up and place it in the tank. The Guardian enters the tank.
Ghost: Nav module installed. Your chariot awaits.

** The Guardian fights through the Machinist’s lair. The Guardian finds an energy barrier blocking their path further into the Machinist’s lair.
Ghost: That energy barrier is a problem violence can’t solve. Let’s check around for a power source.

** The Guardian finds a terminal. Ghost hacks the terminal, disabling the barrier. The Guardian continues further into the Machinist’s lair and encounters a Fallen Walker.
Ghost: I’m detecting huge shipping containers of dark Ether in here - enough to raise a Scorm army.

** The Guardian destroys the Walker and the fuel caches. The Guardian finds another Fallen Walker and destroys it. The Guardian continues further into the Machinist’s lair.

++ Salvage Zone QX, Tangled Shore

Ghost: The Machinist has been raiding cis-Jovian space for years. What she doesn’t supply to the Barons, she adds to her hoard.

** The Guardian finds another energy barrier blocking their path.
Ghost: Look around. Must be another power source nearby.

** The Guardian finds a terminal. Ghost hacks the terminal, disabling the barrier.
The Machinist: Shipments… away. All our weapons… to Fikrul and… the Awoken King.

** The Guardian continues further into the Machinist’s lair. The Machinist appears.
The Machinist: You want revenge? I watched Cayde die! Pathetic death!

** The Guardian fights against the Machinist.
The Scorned Barons… always stand together. Divide us… but you cannot break us.

** The Guardian defeats the Machinist.
The Machinist: I bought them… time… The Scorn… the Barons… stand together… forever…
Ghost: Seven down. One to go. Then Uldren. It’s almost over. It’s almost over.
Petra: GUARDIAN. I know where Uldren is headed. It’s time to end this.


did you miss off the end?

It’s not finished yet.

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